Where to Farm Bronze In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Where to Farm Bronze In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Written by Roguery - 16th May 2024

The majority of the rewards for MoP Remix comes from Bronze. If you want all of the rewards, then it will cost you over 1.5 million Bronze. Because of this, we have compiled a guide on the best places you can get Bronze, and further divided these into categories to help you decide what content might be best for you.

Single Time Rewards


MoP Remix has a massive amount of achievements you can complete, some of which will reward Bronze Caches. The difficulty ranges from very easy to completing Mythic Raids.


Most quests reward a Cache of Infinite Potential, which always contains a small amount of Bronze. If the cache also contains an item which you end up scrapping, the scrapping also rewards Bronze.

As several questlines unlock more content in Remix, meaning you “have to” do them anyway, it means you will always end up with this Bronze, but there are also a few side-quests that aren’t part of any chain that you can do during downtime, such as while looking for a rare.

Daily Rewards


During MoP Remix, the raids will be going from weekly lockout to daily lockout, meaning you can receive rewards from them seven times more often than previously. Raids are probably one of the best sources of Bronze and can be accessed from level 25.

Daily Quests

At the infinite Bazaar, there will be three NPCs offering daily quests. All of these will reward a Minor Bronze Cache, which will give you 200 bronze when opened, and all three can be completed through Looking for Group:

  • Looking for More requires you to kill 2 raid bosses.
  • Looking for Group requires you to defeat 3 dungeon bosses.
  • A Fresh Scene requires you to complete a Scenario.

You also have the original set of daily quests in Mists of Pandaria. A lot of these will have prerequisites in order to complete them, but you will eventually be able to complete daily quests for: the Order of the Cloud Serpent, Golden Lotus, Kirin-tor Offensive, Shado-Pan Offensive, The Anglers, The August Celestials, The Klaxxi, Dominance Offensive/ Operation:Shieldwall and Emperor Shaohao.

Completing all these consistently will give you a large amount of Cache of Infinite Potential as well as the achievements attached to reputation with the factions which also reward Bronze.

Daily Dungeon

Dungeons have a daily bonus attached to them, rewarding you with an additional Cache of Infinite Potential, which contains a small amount of Bronze and occasionally items which can be scrapped.


Mob Farming

One strategy for farming Bronze that quickly re-appeared was a classic in WoW, of repeatedly killing mobs in a group, causing them to hyper-spawn. Very repetitive gameplay, but until the "Frog Farm" was nerfed, it was a very effective way to farm Bronze quickly. Farming Frogs on the Timeless Isle and Goats in Valley of the Four Winds are both still common farming locations, despite the lower than previous Bronze per hour. In addition to Bronze, you also get Threads and Gems drop, which also helps to make your character more powerful, and the farming slightly more efficient because of that.

We have also found another alternative farming spot on the Timeless Isle, the High Priest of Ordos Bronze Farm is located in the Courtyard of Ordon Sanctuary and involves killing High Priest of Ordos Elites. It is much less convenient than the Frog or Goat farming, where you don't really have to focus, but it does drop (at the time of writing this) Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, which really helps increase the Bronze per hour.

These are a few of the Farming locations in MoP Remix that people have been doing, all have been nerfed:


Dungeons have Normal and Heroic variants and will be queueable within the dungeon finder interface. Four dungeons will be available from level 10 in both normal and heroic, with a further 5 being available by the time you reach level 40.

Finding a group to queue dungeons with is a pretty efficient way to farm bronze once you have done all the daily and single time objectives.


Scenarios, similar to dungeons, have both normal and heroic variants, both of which are queueable within the dungeon finder interface. Three scenarios will be available at level 10 in both normal and heroic. A further 12 scenarios become available by the time you reach level 40.

Scenarios reward somewhat less bronze than dungeons, but offer some variety and are a little bit easier, while also being role agnostic.

Flying Through Bronze Orbs

As you traverse the continent of Pandaria, you will notice Bronze orbs in the sky, which if you fly through them will reward a small amount of Bronze. The orbs spawn randomly, and there is no limit to how many times you can pick them up. While we don’t think it's worth actively looking for them, they are a nice bonus if you see one nearby on your way to another activity or exploring the zones.