Mistweaver Monk

Patch 8.3

Written by Konah Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2020


Welcome to the Mistweaver Monk healing guide written by Konah.

I have played Mistweaver, as a main, since I joined Method over a year ago. Unfortunately, it’s not in its strongest position within raid content, however in M+ it’s going to be a top contender with the new buffs it’s received.

What has changed

  • Vivify was buffed 6.3% on your main target and 5.7% on cleave targets.
  • Rising Mist HoT extension increased to 4 seconds and healing increased by 33%.
  • Revival healing increased by 12.5%.
  • Renewing Mist healing increased by 15% and mana cost reduced by 11%.
  • Enveloping Mist healing increased by 10%.
  • Life Cocoon received a 9% buff.