Shadow Priest

Patch 8.3

Written by Kuriisu Last Updated: 19th Feb, 2020


Author Introduction

My name is Kuriisu. I've been raiding at a high level since early TBC, first joining Method during Nighthold as a Shadow Priest and later switching to my Holy Paladin (Kuripala) for Tomb of Sargeras. After that raid I took a long break from competitive raiding until I finally re-joined Method for The Eternal Palace, currently playing a Shadow Priest.

Shadow Priest Introduction

Shadow is one of the most uptime reliant spec in the game, leading to heavy variance on each pull depending on which boss mechanics target us. On patchwerk fights or fights with mechanics that do not heavily lower our uptime (think Orgozoa) our damage is very consistent. We also have a lot of utility in the form of Vampiric Embrace, Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith (aka Life Grip), all of which can be valuable to your raid team.

Shadow was heavily nerfed in 8.3. Both our single target damage as well as our multi-dot damage were heavily hit.

It is expected that shadow will remain pretty strong in multi-target situations, but as it currently stands our single target damage is lagging behind other top tier specs, by quite a bit.

What has changed

Patch 8.3