Destruction Warlock Dragonflight 10.0.5 guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 24th Jan, 2023
Stove Destruction Warlock Author


Hey, my name is Stove. I’m a multiclass player but mostly known by my boomie and warlock. I’ve previously raided with SK Pieces and Conspiracy and now with Method. In mythic +, I finished Season 3 at rank 7 and Season 4 at rank 3.

I’m going to be talking about Destruction Warlock in this guide. Destruction has always been one of the best classes for cleave, and recently it has been one of the best for high aoe.

Some weaknesses destruction has are that it’s very immobile and that the pure single target DPS is not as good as some other specs. 

What has changed

Patch 10.0.5 Changes

Ashen Remains now causes Chaos Bolt, Incinerate, and Shadowburn to deal 5/10% increased damage to targets afflicted by Immolate.

Eradication now causes Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn to increase the damage you deal to the target by 5/10%.

Burn to Ashes now causes Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire to increase the damage of your next 2 Incinerates by 15/30% and Shadowburn to increase the damage of your next Incinerate by 15/30%.

These buffs are mainly targeted at shadowburn, which will most likely see more play.

First Impressions

There have been some changes coming into Dragonflight. (this can all change)

Our two-target damage is even better now with the introduction of mayhem and rolling havoc.

What previously made our AoE good is rain of chaos and wilfred’s sigil of superior summoning. In Dragonflight, we can no longer have both simultaneously, which is a big hit for our AoE damage. Ritual of Ruin now requires 15 stacks and can be reduced to the previous 10 with the talent master ritualist.

Our single target has had some nice changes, with madness now lasting 5 seconds and additions like decimation and raging demonfire. That minimizes the times you have to cast immolate in the fight.