Affliction Warlock

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Patch 7.2

Approved by Bangerz Last Updated: 7th April 2017

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Welcome to my Affliction Warlock guide for Legion! Currently Affliction is one of the highest simming and performing DPS in the game. They're excellent at sustaining high single-target damage whilst still being able to maintain a good amount of burst with preparation. Affliction Warlocks also have insane AoE damage through Seed of Corruption and Soul Flame too which we will talk more about later in the guide! Most of the damage you will deal will come from damage over time effects known as DoTs. Like every Warlock Specilization they also bring Demonic Gateway to the raid which can be used in several different scenarios and make certain abilities much easier.
If you want to discuss the guide, or talk Affliction in general, click on the image below and come to the Method Affliction channel!

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Important Patch 7.2 Changes

  • New Artifact traits added.
  • Reap Souls can now be refreshed and have an extended period instead of overwriting the buff. To a maximum of 60 seconds. Also when you start an encounter now you start with 0 souls however you have an increased chance to get the first 3 Tormented Souls which helps greatly with Affliction burst.

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Important Patch 7.1.5 Changes