Outlaw Rogue Shadowlands 9.1.5 guide

Patch 9.1.5 Last Updated: 30th Oct, 2021
Guy Outlaw Rogue Author


Hey, my name is ForeverGuy or Guy, and I currently play rogue for Healer Chat (HC).

I started playing in Legion, and I’ve done work for the simulations for all 3 rogue specs over the years. I’ve only recently started pushing world ranks, but I still have a lot of knowledge on the finer details to maximizing damage for rogue specs through simulations and analyzing logs for any potential gains.

Outlaw Rogue has many benefits in both a raid environment and for M+.


  • High single target while still doing great sustained cleave, unlike classes such as Windwalker, who do more AoE but much less single target damage
  • Very short cooldowns thanks to restless blades, which means you “always have cooldowns ready” for stuff such as lieutenants in M+ or a boss coming up
  • Rogue, in general, also has a very strong defensive toolkit which gets much more in this raid than in Castle Nathria
  • Incredibly flexible in covenant options which is great for making optimized groups for M+ key pushing


  • Being target capped at 5 targets
  • Lacks a major cooldown such as ravenous frenzy or combustion to really take advantage, making routes in M+ around cooldown usage or even burn phases in raids like Sylvanas in P2 or Kel’Thuzad phylactery
  • Perception of being “a high variance spec” due to the stigma around Roll the Bones
  • Struggles with downtime, but besides Fatescribe, this raid is super forgiving for uptime that is important for the spec to cycle cooldowns well

What has changed

9.1.5 Outlaw Rogue Changes

Similar to 9.1, we got a few changes going into this patch as rogues. What was changed is as follows:

  • Toxic Onslaught now causes Sepsis on expiration to grant the 2 major cooldowns of the other rogue specs. For Outlaw, this means getting Vendetta and Shadow Blades.
  • Buffed Septic Shock by 50%
  • Dreadblades initial cast damage increased by 26% and fills your combo points.

None of these changes really impact the decision to use any of these. Night Fae is still an undertuned covenant, and Dreadblades is still too weak of a talent. However, this is mainly due to how good Words of Winter is from the frost set, so potentially next tier, this talent could see some use.

9.1 Changes:

Almost nothing changed in patch 9.1 for Rogues. The 3 most significant changes worth noting are:

The Feint changes mostly change nothing. You generally knew what you were using Feint to block damage for, so it just makes you ever so slightly tankier against longer damage intake windows like Sylvanas P3. The Shiv change is minor, but welcome change as crippling poison has its uses on necrotic weeks if playing without super consistent slows and still need the soothe for some mobs/bosses.