Retribution Paladin Dragonflight 10.2.5 Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 25th Jan, 2024
Nurseos Retribution Paladin Author


Welcome to the Method Retribution Paladin guide, written by Nurseos. I have been playing WoW since WotLK and joined the hardcore scene in Throne of Thunder raid of Mists of Pandaria. I have been playing Paladin since WotLK and was a Ret main through all Cataclysm and MoP raids. During MoP I was turning into a multiclass player and since WoD Ret has turned into one of my high prio alts to play on farm and I brought it through all expansions except BfA till nowadays. 

Ret Paladin has always been a niche spec, and you won’t see it often in World First raid setups, however for semi-hardcore and more casual guilds it is a very solid DPS spec. Listed below are some strengths and drawbacks of the spec:



  • Doesn’t have a versatile build for mixed fights. Only ST or only AoE;
  • Low sustain damage outside of the burst windows
  • Low mobility
  • If you are the only paladin in your raid group you might be forced to play with Devotion Aura instead of Retribution Aura

What has changed

Changes in Patch 10.2.5

These changes will be a ~5% buff for Single Target and ~3% for AoE.  However, none of these changes affect rotation, gear choices, enchantments etc.

Changes in Patch 10.2

Updated talents, gearing, stats, races & consumables, playstyle & rotation to account for small changes in 10.2