Havoc Demon Hunter Shadowlands 9.2.5 guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 26th Apr, 2022
Cruelladk Havoc Demon Hunter Author


Welcome to the Method Havoc Demon Hunter guide written by me, Cruelladk. I’m a french player and streamer. I raided with Impact and From Scratch, and I am now a raider for Method.

In this guide, we will dive deep into Havoc Demon Hunter and explain how the class will function in Shadowlands and how the new systems will interact with Havoc.

What has changed

9.2 Havoc Demon Hunter Changes

Kyrian :

Legendary Blind Faith is changed. You will now gain 10 Fury and 1% Versatility, up to 20% for each Lesser Soul Fragment you consume.


Sinful Brand can no longer be overwritten by a lower duration of Sinful Brand when applied via Metamorphosis.

9.1.5 Havoc Demon Hunter Changes

With the introduction of 9.1.5, Blizzard is reworking aoe cap, and many abilities have been “soft capped” to deal less damage after certain targets have been hit.

The abilities Havoc Demon Hunter gets uncapped are the following:

Blade Dance deals full damage to 5 targets and reduced damage beyond that.

Glaive Tempest deals full damage to 5 targets and reduced damage beyond that.

Fel Barrage deals full damage to 8 targets and reduced damage beyond that.

Havoc Demon Hunter changes:

Sinful Brand (Venthyr Ability) cooldown has been reduced to 45 seconds (was 1 minute).

Blind Faith (Kyrian Specific Legendary) now grants 1% Versatility instead of 1% Mastery.

Dancing with Fate (Conduit) has been increased from 10% to 40%.

Changes from 9.0 to 9.1:

Major changes from BFA to Shadowlands: