Holy Paladin Dragonflight 10.1.7 Guide

Patch 10.1.7 Last Updated: 5th Sep, 2023
Joki Holy Paladin Author


Welcome to the Method Dragonflight Holy Paladin Guide.

Greetings and salutations, my name is Joki and I’ve been hardcore raiding since BFA (Crucible of Storms) when I joined Honolulu, however my Holy Paladin experience started much earlier than that, spanning all the way back to when I first started the game in TBC and made my very first character.



What has changed

Changes in Patch 10.1.7

There haven't been any changes to Holy Paladin in Patch 10.1.7 that have required updates to the guide.

Update after the 8th August Class Tuning

Even after several nerfs to our kit and overall healing, Holy Paladin remains a top pick in all forms of content.

The guide has been brought up to date for the current version of the game.

Patch 10.1.5 Changes

With Patch 10.1.5 not only has the Holy Talent Tree been completely reworked but a lot of base spells have been altered as well. Due to the large number of changes, here I will summarize only the most important (and interesting) changes coming in patch 10.1.5.

Patch 10.1 Changes