List of all Gems and their Effects in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

List of all Gems and their Effects in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Written by Roguery - 16th May 2024

In this guide we cover the new gems and gem-sockets in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria; how they work and how to obtain them.

In this new limited time game mode, all gear slots, except for weapons, contain gem-sockets. Even the starting gear has sockets, which are all empty as you begin leveling your Timerunning character.

There are four types of sockets, and thus four types of gems, and each piece of gear is bound to a specific type of socket. For example, all belts will have Tinker sockets and all legs will have Prismatic sockets. The table below shows what type of socket is connected to each gear slot, and the maximum amount of sockets that can occur.

Item Slot Socket type Maximum Socket Number
Helmet Meta 1
Shoulders Tinker 3
Wrists Tinker 3
Gloves Tinker 3
Belt Tinker 3
Boots Cogwheel 1
Chest Prismatic 3
Legs Prismatic 3
Necklace Prismatic 3
Ring Prismatic 3
Trinket Prismatic 3
Weapon None 0

All gems, except for cogwheel gems, scale up in power with the item level of the gear they are socketed into. The higher the item level, the stronger the gem is.

The total amount of sockets increases with the item level of the gear. All early gear will have one socket (except the weapon) and as you progress you get more sockets. For example, a certain item level chest will always have two sockets, and once you upgrade it past a certain item level (or find another chest with higher item level) it will gain another socket and now have three sockets.

Where can I get Gems?

Gems can be obtained in two ways:

  1. You can obtain them when opening “Cache of Infinite Potential”.
  2. They are sold by Lidamorrutu in some of the Infinite Bazaars (it is possible she is in every Infinite Bazaar, but in testing we couldn’t find her location in every bazaar).

Cache of Infinite Potential

Cache of Infinite Potential are obtained from nearly every single quest you complete, raid, scenarios and dungeons. You will end up receiving a large quantity of these just through the process of leveling and doing content.

Lidamorrutu: The Gem Vendor

Lidamorrutu will not sell you specific gems. She sells four different items, one for each type of gem; Meta, Tinker, Cogwheel and Prismatic. Once you click the item you get a random gem of that variety.

The first three types are unique, which means you will only get gems you don’t have in your inventory or equipped already. The prismatic gems are not unique and you can receive several of the same kind. When you buy a prismatic gem from Lidamorrutu you will get a random gem of uncommon quality.

Can I remove Gems and will it destroy them?

In Remix you learn the Extract Gem skill early on, which lets you remove gems from your gear. If you use the skill on a socketed gem, it will go into your inventory and can be used again.

Warning: If you, like in retail, socket a new gem over an old one, without removing it first, the old one will be destroyed. Don’t do this!

The Gems

Meta Gems

The meta gem will grant you a powerful cooldown ability that you can put on your action bar and use. Some meta gems are more defensive oriented, while others are more offensive.

If you wish to purchase a meta gem from Lidamorrutu, it will cost you 500 Bronze by purchasing an Asynchronized Meta Gem.

The table below shows all the Meta Gems available and what they do.

Gem Effect
Bulwark of the Black Ox Channel the Bulwark of the Black ox for 10 sec. Charge an Enemy Removing all stuns and roots, gain a shield absorbing damage, and taunt enemies within 20 yards. Every 1 sec inflict Physical damage to enemies with 20 yards plus 20% of the damage taken by the shield.
Funeral Pyre Grants the caster for 1 min. Every 1 sec gain a stack of Funeral pyre, suffering Fire Damage per stack. Funeral Pyre will be removed early if reactivated.
Precipice of Madness Shroud your party within 40 yards with Void, granting them a shield absorbing damage for 10 sec and reducing their health to 10%. Damage taken from this effect is added to the absorb.
Soul Tether Tether your soul to an ally for 1 hour, redirecting 20% of their damage taken to you as Shadow Damage. This effect can be used on up to 5 allies. Recasting on a tethered ally of moving further than 40 yards away removes the effect.
Ward of Salvation Restore health to an ally and grant them a Ward of Salvation for 10 sec Absorbing damage equal to the overhealing. While Ward of Salvation persists, all healing taken grants absorb instead of healing. When the ward expires, it explodes inflicting holy damage equal to the remaining absorb to all enemies within 40 yards, split evenly.
Tireless Spirit Grant party members with 40 yards Tierless Spirit for 5 sec, reducing the resource cost of abilities by 100%.
Locus of Power Channel arcane power for 4 sec. Every 0.40 sec infuse yourself and 2 allies with 50 yards with Haste, Critical Strike and Mastery for 30 sec.
Morphing Elements Summons portals that launch devastating elemental attacks for 10 sec. This culminates in an explosion that deals 0 Elemental damage to enemies within 15 yards.
Chi-Ji,the Red Crane Increases movement speed by 50%, grants immunity to movement impairing effects and grants the following spells for 30 sec.
  • Crane Rush: Rush forward a short distance
  • Blazing Nova: A fiery blast hurls you backwards, inflicting Fire damage to enemies and restoring health to allies with 10 yards.
  • Hope’s Plumage: Every 3 sec, Chi-ji sheds a feather. Touching the feather launches a volley of Hope’s Flame to injure enemies and heal allies.
  • Hope’s Flame: Every 3 sec, inflicts Fire damage or restores health to 5 enemies or allies with 30 yards.
Lifestorm Summon a storm. Call down 5 bolts of lighting every 1 sec. Each bolt inflicts Nature damage to an enemy within 30 yards. During the storm, 3 flowers grow around the caster. After 3 sec, the flowers bloom, restoring health and granting Haste to allies for 10 sec.
Thundering Orb Transform into a Thundering Orb, inflicting Nature damage to enemies within 30 yards over 4 sec. While you are a Thundering Orb, damage taken is reduced by 50%, movement speed is reduced by 70%, and you are immune to loss of control effects.
Oblivion Sphere Coalesce an orb of pure void that increases damage taken by enemies within 15 yards by 15% for 10 sec. After 4 sec, the orb explodes, inflicting Shadow damage and stunning enemies for 1 sec

Cogwheel Gems

The cogwheel gem grants you a movement or utility skill from another class. This means you can for example get Blink on a warrior. If you pick an ability from your own class, for example Heroic Leap on a warrior, you will get a second Heroic Leap with a separate cooldown.

If you wish to purchase a cogwheel gem it will cost you 400 Bronze by purchasing an Asynchronized Cogwheel Gem from Lidamorrutu.

The table below shows all the cogwheel gems available and what they do.

Gem Effect
Soulshape Turn onto a Vulpin for 12 seconds, teleporting 15 yards forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%. You may reactivate Soulshape every 4 seconds to teleport again.
Death’s Advance For 10 seconds, your movement speed is increased by 35%, you cannot be slowed below 100% of normal movement speed, and you’re immune to forced movement effects and knockbacks.
Dark Pact Sacrifices 20% of your current health to shield you for 200% of the sacrificed health for 20 seconds. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects.
Spiritwalker’s Grace Calls upon the guidance of the spirits for 15 seconds, permitting movement while casting spells. Castable while casting another spell.
Spirit Walk Removes all movement impairing abilities and increases your movement speed by 60% for 8 seconds.
Door of Shadows Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location.
Pursuit of Justice Increase movement speed and mounted speed by 8%.
Wild Charge Fly to a nearby ally’s position
Stampeding Roar Let loose a wild roar, increasing the movement speed of all friendly players within 15 yards by 60% for 8 seconds.
Vanish Allows you to vanish from sight, entering stealth while in combat for 10 seconds. Damage and harmful effects will not break stealth. Also breaks movement impairing effects.
Leap of Faith Pulls the spirit of a party or raid member, instantly moving them directly in front of you and granting them 40% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.
Trailblazer Your movement speed is increased by 30% anytime you have not attacked for 3 seconds.
Disengage Leap Backwards, clearing movement impairing effects and increasing your movement speed by 25% for 4 seconds.
Sprint Increase your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.
Roll Roll a short distance. Stacks up to 2 charges.
Heroic Leap Leap through the air toward a target location, slamming down with destructive force to deal Physical damage to all enemies within 8 yards.
Blink Teleports you forward 20 yards or until reaching an obstacle, and frees you from all stuns and bonds.

Tinker Gems

Tinker gems give a “fun” passive effect. They come in a large variety, including defensive and offensive options.

If you wish to purchase a tinker gem from Lidamorrutu it will cost you 300 Bronze by purchasing an Asynchronized Prismatic Gem.

Below is a table showing all available Tinker gems and their effects.

Gem Effect
Ankh of Reincarnation Suffering lethal damage will return you to life with 10% health. This effect can only prevent damage up to 2 times your maximum health. This effect can only occur once every 2 min.
Arcanist’s Edge Your attacks consume 20% of your active absorb shield to inflict Arcane damage equal to the amount consumed.
Bloodthirsty Coral 10% of your damage taken grants you Healing Blood, up to 200% of your max health. Every 3 sec, Healing Blood is expended to heal you if you are Injured.
Brilliance Versatility increased by 5%.
Party members within 40 yards recuperate 2% of their class resource every 3 sec.
Brittle Your abilities apply Brittle to the enemies, accruing 10% of damage you deal. When a Brittle enemy is slain, it explodes, inflicting Frost damage to enemies with 12 yards.
Cold Front Your Abilities have a chance to Grant up to 5 allies a shield absorbing damage, split evenly, and inflict Numbing Cold to all enemies within 50 yards.
Numbing Cold Reduces movement speed by 30% and reduces damage dealt by 10%. Attacking removes a stack of Numbing Cold.
Deliverance 7% of healing is collected as Deliverance. If an ally is below 50% health after receiving healing from you, Deliverance will be consumed to heal up to 3 allies within 50 yards for the amount consumed, divided evenly.
Enkindle Your abilities have a chance to grant you a fiery shield absorbing damage. While this shield Persists, attackers suffer Fire damage and your Haste is increased.
Explosive Barrage Your abilities have a chance to launch a barrage of fire at enemies. Each missile inflicts Fire damage.
Fervor While you are above 80% health, your attacks consume 2% of your maximum health to inflict Holy damage equal to the amount consumed. (1 Sec cooldown)
Freedom Avoidance is increased by 20%.
Allies within 40 yards will immediately be purified of loss of control effects. This effect can only occur once every 45 sec.
Frost Armor Your abilities have a chance to grant Frost Armor absorbing damage for 1 min.
Attacks against Frost Armor splinter fragments of ice, inflicting Frost damage to the attacked and nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 70% for 1 sec.
Grounding Reduces magic damage taken by 75% and redirects the next harmful spell targeting an ally within 40 yards to you.
3 sec after taking magic damage or redirecting a spell this effect will be suppressed for 20 sec.
Holy Matyr 5% of damage suffered is collected as Holy Martyrdom. Every 3 sec, Holy Martyrdom is consumed to heal 4 injured allies with 50 yards for the amount consumed. This effect cannot heal the Martyr.
Hailstorm Every 3 sec build a charge of Hailstorm. Upon reaching 10 stacks, unleash hail on enemies within 50 yards. Each impact inflicts Frost damage and applies Numbing cold.
Numbing Cold Reduces movement speed by 30% reduces damage dealt by 10%. Attacking removes a stack of Numbing Cold.
Incendiary Terror Your abilities have a chance to inflict additional Fire damage and horrify your enemies for 3 sec.
Lightning Rod Your abilities have a chance to apply Lightning Rod to your target. Allies are granted Critical Strike for 10 sec and enemies suffer Nature damage every 2 sec for 8 sec. When Lightning Rod ends, it returns to you granting Critical Strike for 10 sec.
Mark of Arrogance Attackers suffer a Mark of Arrogance inflicting Shadow damage every 2 sec for 10 sec and stacking up to 5 times.
Memory of Vengeance Every 10 Sec, Gain 1% for every 5% health you’ve lost.
Meteor Storm Your abilities have a chance to conjure a hail of meteors, Inflicting Fire damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 3 sec.
Opportunist Gain 50% critical strike chance for 4 sec after damaging a stunned enemy.
Quick Strike Your melee abilities have 100% chance to trigger 4 to 7 additional autoattacks. (10 Sec Cooldown)
Righteous Frenzy Healing an ally will send them into a Righteous Frenzy, consuming 1% health every second and granting 7% increased Haste for 5 sec.
Savior Healing an ally beneath 35% health will grant them a shield absorbing 50% of the amount healed.
Searing Light 7% of your healing is collected on allies as Searing Light. After 3 sec, searing light is consumed to heal your ally and inflict Holy damage to all enemies within 12 yards.
Slay When you attack an enemy below 10% health you will attempt to Slay them, inflicting Shadow damage equal to 100% of your maximum health.
You will only attempt to Slay an enemy once.
Static Charge Store Static Charge every 10 sec. Moving releases the Static Charge Healing allies or damage enemies, 3 in total, preferring injured allies. Enemies suffer damage equal to the Static Charge and allies are healed for 150% of the Static Charge.
Storm Overload Casting your major class cooldown causes you to overload, inflicting Nature damage and stunning enemies within 40 yards for 2 sec.
Sunstrider’s Flourish Your critical strikes erupt in a fiery explosion inflicting Fire damage to enemies within 15 yards of your target.
Tinkmaster’s Shield Grants a shield absorbing damage equal to 15% of your total health.
This shield will regenerate after not suffering any damage for 5 sec.
Vampiric Aura Your Leech is increased by 10%. Grant 10% of your Leech to your party.
Victory Fire Slaying an enemy causes you to erupt, inflicting Fire damage to enemies and restoring health to allies with 12 yards.
Vindication 10% of your damage is collected as Vindication. Every 3 sec, Vindication is consumed to heal up to 3 allies with 50 yards for the amount consumed.
Warmth Healing taken is increased by 10%. 75% of overhealing taken is collected as Warmth. Every 5 sec, Warmth is consumed to heal an injured ally with 50 yards for the amount consumed.
Wildfire Your attacks have a chance to inflict Fire damage and spread Wildfire to a nearby enemy inflicting Fire damage 1 sec for 10 sec.
Wildfire stacks and spreads to nearby enemies, stacking up to 5 times.
Windweaver Your movement speed is increased by 5% and you have immunity to falling damage. Your abilities have a chance to increase your party’s Haste for 10 sec.

There are different ways of combining tinker gems to create powerful synergistic effects. For example you have the potential to create an off-healing rogue, or a paladin that consumes its health to heal others. We recommend taking your time and experimenting with different combinations; but we suggest not picking only offensive gems, as the defensive passives actually are really helpful when questing.

Prismatic Gems

Prismatic gems grant secondary or tertiary stats to the item they are socketed into. Unlike the other gems, prismatic gems come in 4 qualities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. To get a higher quality gem, you combine 3 of the lower quality gems. Three uncommon prismatic gems of the same type create a rare prismatic gem of that type, meaning you will need 27 uncommon haste gems in order to get a legendary haste gem. The Legendary version of the gem will always grant stamina in addition to the stat of the gem.

If you wish to purchase a prismatic gem from Lidamorrutu, it will cost you 200 Bronze by purchasing an Asynchronized Prismatic Gem.

Below is a table showing all the Prismatic Gems that are available.

Gem Stat
Chipped Masterful Amethyst Mastery
Flawed Masterful Amethyst Mastery
Masterful Amethyst Mastery
Perfect Masterful Amethyst Mastery
Chipped Versatile Diamond Versatility
Flawed Versatile Diamond Versatility
Versatile Diamond Versatility
Perfect Versatile Diamond Versatility
Chipped Hungering Ruby Leech
Flawed Hungering Ruby Leech
Hungering Ruby Leech
Perfect Hungering Ruby Leech
Chipped Deadly Sapphire Critical Strike
Flawed Deadly Sapphire Critical Strike
Deadly Sapphire Critical Strike
Perfect Deadly Sapphire Critical Strike
Chipped Stalwart Pearl Armor
Flawed Stalwart Pearl Armor
Stalwart Pearl Armor
Perfect Stalwart Pearl Armor
Chipped Swift Opal Speed
Flawed Swift Opal Speed
Swift Opal Speed
Perfect Swift Opal Speed
Chipped Quick Topaz Haste
Flawed Quick Topaz Haste
Quick Topaz Haste
Perfect Quick Topaz Haste

We hope that this guide was helpful in giving you the information you needed regarding Gems in the WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria event!