Fury Warrior

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 18th Nov, 2020
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Welcome to the Method Fury Warrior guide written by Faithy. I have been a Warrior main since 2014 and will be playing with Method for the Road to World First.

In this guide we will dive deep into Fury Warrior and explain how the class is going to function in Shadowlands and how the new systems will interact with Fury.

What has changed

Changes in Shadowlands:

With the release of Shadowlands the baseline warrior toolkit has been unpruned. Many abilities that were removed or given to specific specs over the years will be available to all warriors, regardless of specialization. These new talents include:

Challenging Shout, Shattering Throw, Intervene, Ignore Pain, Shield Slam, Shield Block, Spell Reflection, Slam, Hamstring.

Spell Reflection is a very strong ability as it not only reflects the next casted ability you’ve been targeted by, but can be used for its defensive values of 20% magic reduction.

Single Minded Fury has also seen a return with Shadowlands allowing Fury to once again use double 1-Handers.

A big change going into Shadowlands as a Fury warrior is the value of crit diminishing with the Cold Steel Hot Blood Azerite Trait going away. This opens up for the old stat value of haste + mastery Fury previously has been known for.

With the addition of Covenants and Conduits the playstyle might see change depending on your choices.