Feral Druid Shadowlands 9.1 guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 23rd Aug, 2021
Written by Maymays Feral Druid Author


Hey, I am Maymays, otherwise known as Maymaysxd or just Mays. I have mained Feral since late WoD. My most recent achievement would be maintaining Rank 1 All Stars on Feral for the entire ~4 month duration of the 9.0.5 patch, basically all of Castle Nathria farm. You can usually find me attempting to help people on the Dreamgrove Discord.

Feral is a spec that I consider criminally under-represented given its strengths, but it definitely has undeniable weaknesses.


  • Very strong Single Target damage.
  • Great Single Target burst through Convoke the Spirits and, to a lesser extent, Berserk.
  • Incredible mobility, between its base extra movement speed and great mobility Cooldowns.
  • Exceptional healing self sufficiency through frequent on-demand heals and strong defensive Cooldown options, complemented by strong Endurance Conduits and the ability to jump into Bear Form as a last resort.


  • Feral’s most glaring weakness is its severe lack of burst AoE.
  • Feral is a melee that does not bring either a Raid Buff or some sort of mandatory utility.

What has changed

9.1 Changes

A very impactful change in 9.1 was a massive buff to Celestial Spirits right before the Renown required to obtain and craft it was reached. The buff nearly doubled the amount of Ferocious Bites cast on average due to how Convoke’s deck of cards RNG mechanic works, changing the Legendary from a borderline DPS loss over having no Legendary equipped at all to a very strong option. It is now easily the best all-around option and competitive in all scenarios.

9.0.5 Changes

The only real relevant change in 9.0.5 was to Frenzyband, which had both of its effects buffed by 50%, making it a very viable burst option