Preservation Evoker Dragonflight 10.2.7 Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Hey, I am Dana, I’m a multi class healer mostly playing Preservation Evoker, Mistweaver Monk and Priest. I am an analyst for Method and GM of the 2-day guild Drama on Tarren Mill.The guild has seen a steady incline in ranks, since being created in Dragonflight, finishing our last season around wr350. Preservation Evoker has been my favorite healer since its release in Dragonflight. The proactive ramp playstyle and the hard hitting mini cd playstyle in dungeons are something I really enjoy and it feels incredibly unique to play compared to the other healing classes.

A full expansion of preservation

This being the first expansion the class has been introduced, it has seen a whole lot of changes of the last 3 seasons. Changes in playstyle but also a ton of buffs and nerfs. The class is associated with short range, big hitting cd’s and a ton of utility and mobility.

Going into season 4, the spec has seen a diversity in fun play styles over the seasons due to their tier sets and versatility in builds. As the tier sets were determined by vote this time around, we ended up receiving an improved version of our season 1 tierset. This tierset makes it so our Echo build will be the strongest choice for builds in this tier. Blossom build is still viable within the raids if you prefer that playstyle, but Echo will be the strongest default.

For Season 4 the spec is looking relatively strong as we are regaining our legendary and the season 1 tierset. The spec is not as easy to play as some other healing specs but if you put time and effort into learning the class it can do very good numbers. In the Season 4 raids it will shine on some fights and can feel slightly worse on others because of the limited range.