Arms Warrior Shadowlands 9.2 guide

Patch 9.2 Last Updated: 22nd Apr, 2022
Danwarr Arms Warrior Author


My name is Dan, otherwise better known as Danwarr. I have raided primarily as a Warrior since mid Mists of Pandaria with both DPS specs. In this guide, I will give you a breakdown of how Arms Warrior is looking, going into Shadowlands.

What has changed

9.2 Arms Warrior Changes

Arms Warrior has not received any spec-specific changes in this patch.

9.1.5 Arms Warrior Changes

Several abilities have been “soft capped.”

  • Bladestorm now deals full damage to 8 targets and reduced damage beyond that
  • Dreadnaught now deals full damage to 5 targets and reduced damage beyond that
  • Cleave now deals full damage to 5 targets and reduced damage beyond that. Additionally, Cleave now applies Deep Wounds to ALL enemies hit
  • Whirlwind now deals full damage to 5 targets and reduced damage beyond that

Additionally, the Merciless Bonegrinder conduit has been buffed by 100% (now giving 180% extra Whirlwind damage for 9 seconds after Bladestorm ends).

9.1 Changes

Arms has had a few of its abilities buffed coming into the Chains of Domination patch.

  • Mortal Strike buffed by 10%
  • Overpower buffed by 10%
  • Deep Wounds damage buffed by 20% (NOTE this is the bleed damage ONLY that has been buffed. The damage increase from the Mastery remains the same with its scaling)
  • Execute buffed by 10% (NOTE this does not include Condemn)

General Shadowlands Changes

Many abilities have been moved off of specific specs and added to the whole Warrior toolkit. These include: Spell Reflection, Shield Block, Shield Slam, Ignore Pain and Intervene.

Additionally, Shattering Throw has made a comeback with a slightly altered functionality from its previous version.

Arms Warrior Mastery, Deep Wounds, has been changed to a damage increase on the target instead of a hard-hitting DoT. This is the biggest change that Arms Warrior has received.

Other changes include: