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Method Core Values



At the core

We believe acting with integrity is about more than doing the right thing. It’s about being held accountable for your actions and holding others to the same high standard.

We are committed to working honestly and transparently and value the feedback of the communities we serve.

As we grow, we endeavor to be genuine and respectful in all of our actions so we can continue to build trusted relationships with our team, players, partners, and the community.

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Stronger Together

We believe cultivating a true sense of well-being is about a commitment to safeguarding your physical, mental, emotional and social health.

It’s a promise to show up as your best self in all areas of your life.

To live up to your fullest potential and support your community as we work together to create a safe environment for all -- both in person and online.

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Leading The Way

We seek to create new and exciting ways to engage our community, celebrate competitive success, and maximise the potential of players and creators everywhere.

To spark true innovation, we welcome and actively encourage lateral and unconventional thinking throughout our organisation.

Together, we will forge a new path for esports by challenging ourselves and our industry to dream bigger.

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Always moving forward

We believe that true progress means we must strive for better, together.

We are committed to fostering continuous personal and professional development for our team to ensure we are focused on more than just competitive success.

To move forward, we must use our collective voices to advocate for positive change and a more inclusive industry.

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You are method

At Method, community is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe it is our honour and great responsibility to serve as stewards of the communities that have supported our organisation over the years.

These games and communities are our home. Through our actions, we will develop, nurture and safeguard them as we would our own families.

We seek to chronicle our communities’ successes and ensure their rightful place in esports history.

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