Holy Priest Shadowlands 9.1 guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2021
Heregellas Holy Priest Author


This guide was written by Heregellas.

Heregellas, or Alisza on his priest, was a resto druid main, before switching to a priest main in Crucible of Storms. He previously raided in From Scratch, and in Impact as an officer & raid leader before joining Method.

Holy Priest's strength comes from its immense amounts of healing throughput. Holy Priest is also easy to pick up and start learning.

Their weakness is that they are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kind of spec, and they bring no damage reduction to the table, unlike the other priest healing spec: Discipline.

What has changed

Only one change was made for 9.1 so far:

Symbol of Hope now gives 18% of missing mana (was 12%), and recovers 60 seconds of cooldown on a major defensive ability for every player in the effect. The channel must be fully completed to get the full 60 secs CDR, otherwise it will recover ~12 seconds per tick channeled.

Here is the list of every spell currently affected:

Priest All specs Desperate Prayer
Mage All specs Mirror Images
Hunter All specs Exhilaration
Rogue All specs Crismon Vial
Death Knight All specs Icebound Fortitude
Demon Hunter Havoc Blur
Demon Hunter Vengeance Fiery Brand
Druid All specs Barkskin
Monk All specs Fortifying Brew
Paladin Holy Divine Protection
Paladin Protection Ardent Defender
Paladin Retribution Shield of Vengeance
Shaman All specs Astral Shift
Warlock All specs Unending Resolve
Warrior Arms Die by the Sword
Warrior Fury Enraged Regeneration
Warrior Protection Shield Wall