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Patch 7.1.5

Approved by Sco Last Updated: 12th Mar 2017

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Welcome to my Guardian Druid guide for Legion! Currently Guardian Druids are one of the strongest tanking specs in the game. They excel in smoothing out incoming damage and benefit from a powerful and very straight forward active mitigation system. They have the benefit of choice; they can reduce physical or magic damage or choose to heal. Combine this with a high health pool, lots of cool downs such as Barkskin, Survival Instincts and a very strong Artifact ability, and you have a rock solid tank.

DPS wise Guardian Druids have strong AoE damage with good cleave abilities. Single target damage is not the highest however it can be boosted by playing the talent Feral Affinity and swapping to cat form during tanking downtime. 

This guide is an ongoing work in progress and is subject to change as new information comes to light.

This guide has been written and approved by Sco, guild master of Method, alongside Lexi, a content creator for Method.

If you want to discuss the guide, or talk Guardian in general, you can also click on the image below and come to the Method Guardian channel!