Blood Death Knight

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 13th Apr, 2021


Hey! I’m Tokaine, the best tank you’ve never heard of and the number 1 advocate for T.D.M (Tank Damage Matters). I’ve been tanking since cataclysm, mainly playing protection warrior until legion where I branched out into other tank classes as I climbed the world ranks.

Now! Let's get into it. Blood Death Knight, otherwise known as the bouncy castle spec, or the number one cause of healer angst from your health yo-yo-ing up and down as you snipe all their precious heals.

Overall it is a pretty versatile class. You aren’t the fastest or strongest tank in the world however, you are versatile which can be an invaluable trait when it comes to what tanks you want to bring. Death Grip & Gorefiend's Grasp are both very strong tools when utilised properly on fights where they can shine.

Additionally, when it comes to tanks there are two types of play, proactive and reactive. Blood DK (BDK) is by far the most reactive tank out of all the classes to choose from. Our main bread and butter Death Strike allows us to heal a portion of the damage that was recently inflicted on us. Additionally, BDK has a wide variety of cooldowns. Although the cooldowns themselves may not be as potent as other tanks, the versatility of them allows for flexible planning on a fight by fight basis.

What has changed

Patch 9.0.5

  • Fleshcraft became incredibly strong, increasing the shield amount as well as adding a 20% damage reduction buff while channeling. Additionally tanks are able to dodge, parry and block during the channel.
  • Crimson Rune Weapon became a viable option for high uptime tanking fights as well as M+. It’s main benefit allows for Dancing Rune Weapon to have about a 50 second cooldown which is incredibly strong offensively and defensively.

Patch 9.0

  • The biggest change from BFA to SL is Death Knights gaining Anti-Magic Zone; this is an exceptionally strong raid cooldown and gives BDK a lot of utility. Additionally, the abilities Lichborne, Rune Tap, Raise Dead and Death Coil are all baseline to the class.
  • The playstyle of BDK is still the same as it was in BFA, we were just granted a few extra tools to make us more of a team player tank.