Enhancement Shaman Shadowlands 9.2.5 guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 29th Jul, 2022
Weber Enhancement Shaman Author


Hi everyone, I am Weber and I have been maining my Shaman since Siege of Orgrimmar back in Mists of Pandaria. I am a moderator for the Earthshrine Discord and I have been raiding with Deposit Coin on Stormscale for the past two years, finishing around World 200-300 on a casual two day schedule.

Enhancement Shaman is a melee specialization that excels at sustained single target damage while also being able to tailor your damage profile to different situations through a variety of powerful and impactful legendaries. It also provides the other melee in your party with Windfury Totem, which depending on their specialization can be a sizeable increase to their single target damage.

However, Enhancement has most of its resource generation and procs tied to its melee hits, so having downtime hurts the spec more than most. There is also a lot of randomness involved with the current best single target build, which means you will find yourself dealing low damage some attempts through no fault of your own. Aside from Windfury Totem it shares all its utility with Elemental and Restoration, which isn’t all that impressive anyway compared to other classes.

What has changed

March 9th Hotfix

This hotfix brought some great changes for us. When using Lava Lash to spread Flame Shock, instead of getting 3 Flame Shocks that hit any random target, you always get 4 now, of which one will hit your primary target. It will now also prefer to spread to targets that have Lashing Flames applied to them and will no longer have a chance to be removed from your main target when you hit the cap of 6 and spread it more.

9.2 Enhancement Shaman Changes

Rejoice, Enhancement Shamans! There are much-needed AoE buffs to Hailstorm, and Fire Nova, which coincidentally is now a proper option with Flame Shock spread being reintroduced. Flame Shock got hit with a target cap of 6, so we don’t go out of control on AoE. Being able to spread Flame Shock also opens us up to the Necrolord covenant, which allows for significant funnel damage on priority targets through the covenant legendary.

In single target, on the other hand, the new tier set heavily synergizes with our current Night Fae playstyle, with the covenant legendary providing us with frequent bursts of damage. Flame Shock spread is implemented in a way that will have it “spread” to your primary target if no others are present, which means you can maintain Flame Shock via Lava Lash. With the new tier set providing lots of Stormbringer procs and the cooldowns of Flame Shock and Frost Shock being unlinked, the little downtime we had last tier will be eliminated entirely.

Last but not least, Venthyr also becomes a viable option for pure AoE, using a combination of the covenant legendary and the Elemental legendary Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise to massively reduce the cooldown of Chain Harvest, providing not only a lot of damage but also offhealing.

9.1.5 Enhancement Shaman Changes

There were no changes to Enhancement in Patch 9.1.5.

9.1 Enhancement Shaman Changes

Enhancement Shamans haven’t received any noteworthy class changes in 9.1, however we have received some bug fixes that should help our performance in the next raid tier.

Previously Rank 2 of Windfury Totem only affected us and not our party members, resulting in them only getting the base 10% chance at extra melees. Now our party members will also receive the full 20% effect.

Additionally in a hotfix on May 19 Blizzard fixed our swing timer resetting when spending Maelstrom Weapon to make a casted spell like Lightning Bolt instant. With our resource generation and procs being tied to our melees this amounted to a sizeable damage buff.