Last Updated 19th June 2024

Method’s Warcraft Rumble PVP Tier List was drafted by MJM, a top 10, 20k honor PVP player. The PVP Tier List will be kept up-to-date following any updates to Minis and as the meta shifts.

Please note the following in respect of the PVP Tier List:

  • Minis have been assigned a Tier based on their overall power within the current meta and not by the number of decks within which they appear, in order to achieve a more accurate result.
  • The Minis in each Tier are presented in alphabetical order as it would be incredibly difficult to grade each Mini at a more granular level with a high degree of accuracy.

Current Rotation

Ward Enchant Icon
Guard Towers Tower Icon
Guard Towers
Clean Fight Modifier Icon
Clean Fight


  • Deep Breath moved from S-tier to A-Tier
  • Gargoyle moved from S-tier to A-Tier
  • Molten Giant moved from E-tier to B-Tier
  • Necromancer moved from C-tier to B-Tier
  • Pyromancer moved from D-tier to C-Tier
  • Witch Doctor moved from B-tier to S-Tier


  • Bloodmage Thalnos moved from C-tier to B-Tier
  • Jaina Proudmoore moved from S-tier to TBD-Tier
  • Rend Blackhand moved from A-tier to S-Tier