High Priest of Ordos Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

High Priest of Ordos Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Written by Roguery - 20th May 2024

With the recent nerf to the frogs farm in MoP remix people have been looking for alternatives that give a reasonable amount of Bronze. During our Testing we have found the High Priest of Ordos to be a viable alternative source for farming Bronze, made up of raw Bronze dropping, scrapping gear that drops and handing in Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

It's worth noting that compared to Frog farming or Goat Farming, this High Priest of Ordos farm is much harder and requires you to actively focus on playing. This farm is most effective when done in a group of 3 or more players as they are considerably harder mobs than your average Elite.

Be aware, just like the Frog farm, it is possible that Blizzard changes/nerfs the drops of this location and the Elites by preventing Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from dropping at all, or reducing the amounts in which they drop.

Why the High Priest of Ordos?

The reason the High Priest of Ordos are a great source of Bronze is because they drop between 5-10 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

Farms that provide a healthy drop of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune are particularly good; when you hand in Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, it gives you a Cache of Infinite Potential which itself contains Bronze, Gear that can be scrapped as well as Threads and Gems that upgrade your character’s power levels. This significantly increases the amount of Bronze per hour that you can farm.

During our testing we were receiving around 3000 raw Bronze and 360 Lesser Charms per hour, approximately translating to 12,000 per hour. Compared to the frog farm, the Priest farm provides lesser charms dropping but has a much smaller amount of raw drops (such as threads and bronze) and requires much more focus than frogs.

Where and how to farm the High Priest of Ordos

You can start farming the High priest of Ordos from level 45 onwards on the Timeless Isle.

The High Priest of Ordos mobs are located in the Courtyard of Ordon Sanctuary. There are a total of 8 spawns, 2 in each of the corners of the courtyard. Farming the priests is not like the frogs, they will require a group of at least 3 people of average gear or can be soloed by one person with very good gear. You shouldn’t need a tank or healer as all the damage is avoidable.

high priest of ordos bronze farm locationhigh priest of ordos

Once you are in the courtyard, pick a corner and work your way from corner to corner killing the mobs in between for extra chances at loot. By the time you get to the last corner the first corner should have respawned, meaning you can complete laps over and over.

Note: If you do end up needing to wait for them to respawn, because of the current amount of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune that drop, we believe that it’s worth the wait.

Where to hand in Lesser Charms

Lesser Charms of Good Fortune can be handed in at various reputation locations around Pandaria, this can be a good source of finishing up reputations that you are missing, which rewards a little bonus Bronze via an Achievement when you max them out.

One of these locations is Anji Autumnlight in Setting Sun Garrison, in the south west of Vale of Eternal Blossom. Handing in to this NPC rewards you with Golden Lotus reputation.

anji autumnlight lesser charm hand in mapAnji Autumnlight NPC
/way #390 21,10 71,04 Anji Autumnlight

Things to watch out for whilst Farming

The High Priests have around four times more health than any of the other elites in the area, so unless you’re confident, we would not recommend pulling multiple at the same time.

The main mechanic that will kill you is the frontal cone, Blazing Blow, this deals a huge amount of damage if hit, but is avoidable. They will also cast Conjure Eternal Kiln, which will summon a Kiln that buffs the priest with 50% Haste and Damage, this makes the Blazing Blow nearly impossible to dodge; this can be mitigated by killing the kiln as soon as it spawns.

They will also summon Flarecore Golems, which can be easily kited and ignored, just don’t let them hit you, as they melee for a fairly high amount. Firestorm deals moderate fire damage on very hard to see locations on the floor, try to avoid them as best you can, but they shouldn’t one shot you. Finally, they have a heal called Cauterize, it is interruptible and should be, unless you are solo as it will deal 1% of their max health as damage over 30s.

fire poppy timeless isle ordos

Outside Ordon Sanctuary you will find Fire Poppy, they grant 5% stats for 10 minutes when clicked on and also heals you for 5% of your max health every 3 seconds for 5 minutes, they are great to keep yourself alive while farming.