Vengeance Demon Hunter

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 27th Apr, 2021


Welcome to the Vengeance Demon Hunter guide by Fem.

Fem has been tanking since Wrath of the Lich King and recently joined Method on their Road To World First project. Fem has been raiding on a Mythic raiding level on all different tank classes but often plays what is required by the guild.

Vengeance Demon Hunter excels at self-healing, they might take a lot of damage but because of their self-sustain, they usually require less attention from healers than other tanks. They also bring Chaos Brand, which is a must-have in raids. However, Chaos Brand is not unique to them as Havoc Demon Hunters also bring the debuff. The spec is known to struggle with keeping their active mitigation up, which is often very relevant to Mythic raiding as a single tank-mechanic often kills a tank without any form of mitigation. However, by rotating Demon Spikes, Fiery Brand, and Metamorphosis the Vengeance Demon Hunter can survive quite well.

What has changed

Coming into Shadowlands, Vengeance has gained the ability Fel Devastation which together with the talent Demonic gives Vengeance another button to press when they have downtime on their Demon Spikes.  

The self-healing of Vengeance has also been significantly impacted coming into Shadowlands. This means that they are slightly less self-sustained and require a bit more attention from healers in raids.

The talent tree has also seen some re-adjusting, which has led to a few new builds being viable, depending on the content you’re doing.