Vengeance Demon Hunter Dragonflight 10.0.5 guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 27th Jan, 2023
Meyra Vengeance Demon Hunter Author


Hello there, I’m Meyra. A distinguished member of The Fel Hammer with love for optimizing every single detail of Vengeance Demon Hunters.

Vengeance Demon Hunter is a tank defined by its strong self-sustain, strong cooldowns, and unparalleled mobility. It brings the Chaos Brand debuff to the raid alongside Havoc Demon Hunters, as well as the defensive raid cooldown Darkness. With the new talents, Vengeance returns as a remade tank, with new and old tools at its disposal. The only large negative that remains is that Vengeance is still very dependent on being in melee range with the Boss to maintain its self-sustaining capabilities.

Since the start of the season, all tanks got a minor nerf to their passive defensive auras. For vengeance, this meant that Demonic Wards went from reducing all damage taken by 20% to 10%, effectively making us take 12.5% more damage. It doesn’t change things massively, although it emphasizes using your toolkit to help mitigate the extra damage you take.

What has changed


Vengeance got a minor buff during the 10.0.2 patch. Painbringer was buffed from 5 seconds duration up to 6 seconds, and Calcified Spikes increased from 10% initial damage reduction up to 12%. Vengeance also got a 15% buff on the base armor modifier. These changes do not change anything regarding builds or talent choices, but cover parts of the previous nerf to damage reduction.

No changes to Vengeance occurred with the 10.0.5 release.

First Impressions

Vengeance has seen a massive overhaul with the new talent trees. In addition to most tools from Shadowlands, Vengeance now has access to Darkness, Soul Carver, Down in Flames, as well as a completely reworked Frailty debuff. Frailty has gone from a passive Leech effect attached to Spirit Bomb to becoming a core part of the Vengeance toolkit, offering not only Leech but giving you Damage Reduction and Damage Increases against your enemies.

Overall, Vengeance has received tools that solve most of its prior issues. There are several options that solve their prior low active mitigation uptimes, either through extended Fiery Brands or longer duration Demon Spikes with shortened cooldowns. Vengeance also gets several tools that will significantly increase their baseline defensive strengths, making it a sturdy tank. Utilizing their cooldowns combined with stacked Frailty debuffs also allows a skilled Vengeance player to amplify the power of their cooldowns to deal significant burst damage.