Goat Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Goat Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Written by Roguery - 21st May 2024

Goat Farming is a hyper spawn farm that became popular after the nerf of the frog farm. Both frogs and goats are still currently very popular in the group finder; this is because they have similar spawn rates as each other when set up with two groups of four.

Goats have a large pack size, which when killed sufficiently quickly will respawn at a very fast rate. This allows you to loot them and gain Bronze, Gear which can be scrapped and Threads to upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential.

This farm does not drop Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, meaning you are relying purely on the drops from the mobs themselves.

Warning: Be aware, just like previous hyper spawn farms, Blizzard could change or nerf the drops or spawn rate of this location.

Goat Farm Location

The goats are located in Valley of the Four Winds, on the mountain west of The Heartland.

MoP Remix Goat Farm LocationMoP Remix Goat Farm Image

How the Goat Farm Works

This is a hyper spawn farm, where you kill the Stout Staghorn goats in the mountain area. The Goats spawn in small clumped packs, which can be quickly killed without any need for individual tagging, unlike other farm locations.

The zone consists of 6 main spawn locations of the goats that you want to try and cover; this is most easily done with 2 groups of 4 each covering 2-3 spots each. The mobs should respawn fast enough that you want to avoid flying around to loot as it will impact how efficiently you are farming.

However, if there are spots not being killed, which is slowing down the respawn rate, they are close enough to each other that you could fly between a couple of closer spots to kill and loot them, to still find some value from the farm location.

MoP Remix Goat Farm Spot Markers

Remember that this could be nerfed in the future, and other sources of Bronze and Threads could become more time effective. You can also be more prepared by having lots of bag space available, as they will fill up quite quickly!