Sra'vess Bug Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Sra'vess Bug Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Written by Roguery - 21st May 2024

You may have seen “Sra’vess” or “bug farm” appearing in the group finder, in this guide, we run through what it is and how it works. Most notably, this is another farm for collecting Bronze and Threads (player power).

This farm location is an alternative to the popular goat or frog farms due to the similar hyper spawn rate. It is similar in difficulty to Frogs or Goats, although you do have wandering elites in the area which can lead to a slight difficulty increase for a less geared or progressed character.

There are a lot of Mantid mobs called Sra'thik that will spawn very quickly when many of them are killed in the Sra’vess area by a group of players, with the optimal setup being two groups of four players, but it still works with a single group. They will reward drops of Bronze, Gear to be scrapped for Bronze, Threads and Gems.

The farm can be started from level 30 as that is the level requirement for Townlong Steppes, although some of the larger pulls are painful at low levels due to some elites being present, so you may need to be careful with some of the pulls if you find yourself dropping very low.

Warning: Be aware, just like the frog farm, it is possible that Blizzard changes or nerfs the spawn rate or drops in the future.

Bug Farm Location

There are alot of Mantid mobs in Sra’vess, in the west of Townlong Steppes. These are the “bugs” that the group finder titles are referring to.

Bug Farm Location MapBug Farm Example

How the Bug Farm Works

This farm is a hyper spawn based Bronze farm. You will run around killing big packs of Mantid mobs and looting them for rewards such as raw Bronze, gear and Gems.

The zone consists of 4 main spots that you want to try and cover, so as 2 groups of 4 make sure to cover as many of these areas as possible and repeatedly pull in mobs and kill them around that area. They are located in a slightly spread out formation, but you can rotate between them quite quickly.

Most of the mobs are slightly spread out, so having an ability to tag them with and pull them into an AoE range is good to have for more efficient farming.

Bug Farm Spot Markers

If there is a lot of competition in the area, you can go beyond these main spots and find additional mobs, there just aren’t usually as many of them and they are more spread out.

Again, please be aware that this could be nerfed in the future, and that unless you are a big fan of grinding mobs in this way, there are other ways to acquire Bronze and Threads that are a lot more engaging.