Frost Mage Dragonflight 10.0.7 guide

Patch 10.0.7 Last Updated: 15th Mar, 2023
Tamir Frost Mage Author


My name is Tamir, also known as tam1h.

I've been pushing high mythic+ keys since Legion as a mage and raiding since Warlords of Draenor. I have been raiding in the top 30 scene throughout most of Shadowlands and Dragonflight.

What has changed


Patch 10.0.7:

With patch 10.0.7 and the addition of a new zone, a new item named Onyx Annulet will become available to us. This ring has three sockets and will be obtainable through the progression of the story. However, it is important to note that only Primordial Stones, which are unique gems that enhance our DPS or survivability, can be used with this ring. In the Gearing section, I will share my insights on some of the gems that I believe will prove beneficial.

Dragonflight Changes:

Frost, as a spec, gained a lot of power going into Dragonflight through multiple talent combinations that were either choices or legendaries, which makes the spec extremely powerful on Mass Aoe and 3-5 targets Cleave.

The Flurry system has been redesigned and changed to a CD System with the Good old Brain Freeze Proc, Resetting the CD on Flurry.

Returning abilities worth Mentioning - Shifting power, Dragon’s Breath, Greater Invis, Blast Wave, Temporal Wrap (Legion Bloodlust Ring).

Icy Propulsion received a change from the Shadowlands Conduit, which now works only on Single Target abilities, But the CDR effect works outside of icy veins as well, which makes frost way less punishing.

The Second change is that Icicles now also benefit from the CDR to Icy Veins, which is a welcome change on Single Target, making Icicles more relevant.

Additionally, Blizzard has buffed the %Value from Mastery, which makes Icicles and Frozen Orb to gain a significant Damage Increase with mastery as a stat.

Frost gained significant power in the AoE Department from all the talent combinations together, making frost a very strong pick for any Low cleave/Mass Aoe fights.

Strengths: Very good low cleave/Mass Aoe, great survivability with Greater Invis, 2x Ice Blocks, Alter Time, Mirror Images, Alter time, and Ice Barrier

Very mobile with Shimmer, and Movement speed increases from Invisibility + Incantation of Swiftness.

Less CD Reliant from Icy Propulsion built in.

Weakness: Very bad Damage on Demand, Very poor Target Swapping, Heavily Affected from Mechanics of Movement, Considerably lower burst than the other 2 Mage Specs.

Going to go over honorable mentions for Class Talent that are important to know in the next section.