Frost Mage

Patch 7.2.5

Written by Qoning Last Updated: 19th Jun, 2017


With Legion, Frost initially became the lackluster spec for Mages, only really useful in situations with constant 2 target cleave, thanks to Splitting Ice, weak on single target and virtually worthless in AoE situations. However, after several balancing passes, and changes to the other specs, Frost shifted into being the best single target spec in Nighthold and possibly going forward as well (as usual, things might and will change).

Save for specific legendary setups and short burst windows, Frost’s biggest weakness is doing large scale AoE damage. It’s therefore not advisable to run it in content where speed is a concern (lower level mythic keys).

If you want to discuss the guide, or talk Frost in general, you can also click on the image below and come to the Method Frost channel!

Important Patch 7.2.5 Changes

New Tomb of Sargeras tier set

2p: After using Frozen Orb, your crit damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. This is a very decent set bonus, especially for Glacial Spike.

4p: Any time your Brain Freeze procs, the remaining cooldown on Frozen Orb is reduced by 5 seconds. This directly boosts the 2p and is directly improved by T19 2p.