Frost Mage Shadowlands 9.1 guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 27th Jun, 2021


Hi, I go by the in-game name Shejkin and I’m one of the new mages that have joined the Method raiding team, looking forward to the race in 9.1.

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Introduction to Frost

Frost as it is currently being played is one of the few specs in the game that have extreme exponential scaling with the conduit Icy Propulsion combined with the talent Thermal Void, this has good and bad parts to it. Frost is also one of the best specs in the game at 2 target stacked cleave and stacked sustained AoE.



  • Bad spread cleave damage, like the rest of the mage specs
  • Does not do well with poor DPS uptime (Icy Propulsion + Thermal Void). Which kinda means you don't want to do mechanics if you want to do DPS more than almost any other spec in the game. With mage being a class that does raid “jobs” very good makes this feel really bad.
  • Low burst damage or rather flat damage curve, doesn't have a really strong DPS cooldown
  • Uses 3 different legendaries to maximize DPS in 3 scenarios. Single target, 2-target cleave and more 3+ target constant AoE
  • Frozen Orb damage capped at 8 targets.

What has changed

9.1 Changes

With 9.1 there is 1 new legendary for every class + covenant combination, however for frost none of these actually matter as they are all worse than the ones we currently use.

Another thing added with 9.1 is Domination sockets and gear, for cloth the 5 slots are Helm, Shoulder, Chest, Bracers and Belt, so we wanna avoid crafting legendaries in these slots.

Nothing has really changed for Frost mage in 9.1, but since Fire got hit with the bat frost is now a more relevant spec for progress.

9.0.5 Changes

Buffs to kyrian and necrolord, but this doesn't really change much for now.

Freezing Winds legendary got buffed, now procs every 2 seconds (was every 3rd second). This is a very strong legendary.

Cold Front legendary also got buffed, but unfortunately it still isn't one of the strongest legendaries.