Unholy Death Knight Shadowlands 9.1 guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2021


My name is Lnoght and I will be writing the Unholy Death Knight guide. I've been playing WoW since Wrath of the Lich King and started raiding in WoD, joining Reason in BFA after Uldir and now Method for Shadowlands.

Spec Strengths

  • Unique add control with Death Grip which has been very useful in previous tiers (Hivemind in Ny'alotha, Za’qul and Orgozoa in The Eternal Palace, Mekkatorque in BoD and Mythrax in Uldir).
  • Anti-Magic Zone, which is a massive raid cooldown that provides a 20% magic damage reduction for everyone inside the zone.
  • Icebound Fortitude, which can have very unique uses, allowing you to break out of stuns like the Stasis Trap on Artificer Xy’mox in Castle Nathria.
  • Death's Advance, making you immune to slows below 100% when used and giving you immunity to forced movement effects/knockbacks. This has been useful in the past in fights like Abyssal Commander Sivara’s Crushing Reverberation in The Eternal Palace or Inevitable End on King Rastakhan in Battle of Dazar’alor.
  • Strong cooldowns with high single target damage, and promising AoE burst damage.

Spec Weaknesses

  • Limited mobility. Death knights don't have a jump/blink to quickly deal with mechanics that require to get to a certain spot very quickly 
  • Target swapping. Is one of the bigger issues if you're on a fight that randomly spawn a new prio target you need to burst down it's going to take the death knight a few globals before they can really start to do damage 
  • Can be Talent dependent which in some scenarios forces you to choose between single target or AoE and utility.
  • Semi Cooldown reliant.

What has changed

9.1 changes for the spec :

  • Anti-Magic Zone got a huge nerf it used to just be 1 big DR for the entire raid but its now capped at 150% of the casters max HP making it a lot worse for unholy DKs and you probably won't be stacking Death Knights like people did in castle nathria.
  • Other than that DK's haven't received any changes.
  • They went from being a very strong melee to now more of an average melee class.