Frog Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Frog Bronze Farm in MoP Remix

Written by Roguery - 21st May 2024

Frog Farming is still a popular listing in the group finder despite being nerfed to no longer drop Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, which drastically reduces the Bronze per hour that it provided.

Frogs are quite numerous and spread out over a fairly small area, which when killed sufficiently quickly will respawn at a very fast rate. This allows you to loot them and gain Bronze, Gear items which can be scrapped and Threads to upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential.

This farm does not drop Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, meaning you are relying purely on the drops from the mobs themselves.

Warning: Be aware, just like previously, Blizzard could further nerf the drops or spawn rate of this location.

Frog Farm Location

The Frogs are located on the south eastern coast of the Timeless Isle.

Frog farm location mapFrog Farm location example

How the Frog Farm Works

This is a hyper spawn farm, where you kill the Gulp Frog mobs in the small coastal area on the Timeless Isle. The best way to achieve hyper spawning is to have two four man groups taking one side each and meeting in the middle as your groups will be allowed to share tags.

They are spread out over a small area, which means that you want to have a ranged player to tag mobs and bring them back to a predetermined location where they can be in the range of AoE, also making it easier to loot them more efficiently.

Again please be aware that this could be further nerfed in the future, and with new farm locations appearing in the group finder quite frequently, there may be less interest or value in farming frogs.