Survival Hunter Dragonflight 10.0 guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 10th Jan, 2023
Symex Survival Hunter Author


Hey, I'm Symex, and welcome to my Survival Hunter guide. I have been playing survival hunter for since its rework in BFA and have been pushing keys and raiding with survival ever since. You will also see me complaining about survival in the Trueshotlodge hunter discord.

Patch Changes

January 10th:

All ability damage and pet damage increased by 2%.

Butchery and Carve damage increased by 10%.

Fury of the Eagle damage increased by 10%.

Wildfire Bomb damage increased by 15%.

This is overall a very small increase in singletarget and a decently big buff in aoe. Unfortunately survival is so overtuned right now that this will have barely any impact on the viability of the spec.