Marksmanship Hunter Shadowlands 9.2.5 guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 8th Aug, 2022
Huntoper Marksmanship Hunter Author


Hey, I’m Huntoper, I’ve been playing Hunter since the start of Legion but I started mythic raiding in Uldir.

Marksmanship hunter has high mobility since the only cast that you have to stand in place for is Aimed Shot. This spec also has a really good AoE burst but currently it stands out from other classes on single target. Hunter in general has a lot of utility such as immunity, aoe slow, incap and root.

What has changed

Patch 9.2 Changes

There are no class changes in this patch; however, we are getting new tier sets that will slightly change our gameplay. In addition to the sets, we are also getting a 2nd legendary, which will be a covenant-specific one (Memory of Unity). We can use the legendary with any other.

Tier set effects:

  • 2-set - Trick Shots now also increase the damage of the affected shot by 30%
  • 4-set - Spending 40 Focus grants you 1 charge of Trick Shots