Balance Druid Dragonflight 10.0.5 guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 27th Jan, 2023
Voci Balance Druid Author


Hey I am Voci. I have been playing Balance druid on and off since Wrath of the Lich King. I am a multi class player, usually playing all classes but my preference is ranged classes. I’ve achieved two World Firsts with Method already, both during Legion (Balance Druid on KJ and Frost Mage on Argus). I’ve always loved Balance because of its strong utility, even when it is not really good in the DPS meta.

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Strength: Balance is a pretty solid spec when it comes to staying alive, you have a lot of tools to reduce/prevent damage. It’s also really useful in general to assist the raid and more specifically the healers with Heart of the Wild and/or Innervate when it’s needed. In terms of damage, balance is really good for spread target dps and still possesses a good burst/switch window.

Weakness: Single target damage is pretty low right now. You need to make choices for which utility you need for a certain situation and sometimes you’ll need to sacrifice a good amount of damage to get your Solar Beam interrupt within your spec tree.

What has changed

Balance Druid 10.0.5 Changes

  1. The class tree has been redesigned, some point allocation and positioning has changed.
  2. Circle of Life and Death has been removed and Cosmic Rapidity is now replacing it, same effect but without any downside.
  3. Eclipse (Lunar) and Umbral Intensity now increase Starfire AoE damage instead of its Critical Strike.

First impressions of Balance Druid

With Dragonflight being released, we received some changes and I'll talk about the 4 most meaningful ones.

  1. Mastery has been redesigned. Moonfire increases your arcane damage on the target and Sunfire increases your nature damage to the target. This means having your Moonfire AND Sunfire on the target is much more important than before, you never want to hit a target that does not have both.
  2. Eclipse has been redesigned. You can now enter any eclipse you want when you get out of the previous one, meaning you can re-enter the same eclipse you just left. Eclipse increases your damage by a fixed amount of damage and is not empowered by mastery anymore. Lunar Eclipse increases your arcane damage by 15% and increases Starfire critical strike chance by 20%. Solar Eclipse increases your nature damage by 15% and increases your Wrath damage by 20%.
  3. Starfall has been redesigned. You can now stack multiple Starfall, meaning you have a real spender on AoE again. How the spell works hasn’t changed, you still do damage in a range of 45 yards around your character.
  4. Starsurge cost has been increased to 40 Astral Power.