Vale of Eternal Blossoms Achievement Guide (MoP Remix)

Vale of Eternal Blossoms Achievement Guide (MoP Remix)

Written by Roguery - 31st May 2024

In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria you may have seen other players flying around on the Golden Astral Cloud Serpent and wondered how to obtain it. In this guide we cover all the things you can do to add the Reins of the Astral Emperor’s Serpent to your collection.

In order to obtain the mount, you will need to complete the achievement Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This achievement will have you completing dungeons, a raid, killing rares and farming reputations.

You will need to complete 2 of the four achievements listed below.

  • Looking For Group: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  • Elusive Foes: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  • Golden Lotus
  • The August Celestials

We generally think the best option is to complete the Looking For Group and Golden Lotus achievements, as they are much faster. However, making progress towards all of them is good, as they all have individual Bronze Rewards if you complete them.

Looking For Group: Vale of Eternal Blossoms

The Looking for Group: Vale of Eternal Blossoms achievement will require you to complete four dungeons on Heroic Difficulty:

  • Mogu’shan Palace
  • Scarlet Halls
  • Scarlet Monastery
  • Scholomance

These are queueable in the dungeon finder from level 10; with the exception of Mogu’shan Palace which requires level 40.

You will also need to complete the Terrace of the Endless Spring on Raid Finder difficulty, which becomes queueable in the Dungeon Finder interface at level 40. It’s relatively fast, as it only has 4 bosses and minimal trash.

Elusive Foes: Vale of Eternal Blossoms Rares Locations

This achievement will require you to find and defeat three of the eight rares located around Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

All of the rares are fairly easy to solo, with the exception of Major Nanners, who is surrounded by elites that can easily overwhelm you.

  • Major Nanners is a Hozen located in the south of Vale of Eternal Blossoms, high up on the mountain bordering Valley of the Four Winds.
  • Kal’tik the Blight is a Mantid just outside the Gate of the Setting Sun, in the west of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Urgolax is a Mogu in the north of Vale of Eternal Blossoms, inside one of the tents on The Golden Stair.
  • Moldo One-Eye is a Saurok who patrols around Whitepetal Lake in the center of Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Sahn Tidehunter is a Jinyu located just outside of Mogu'shan Palace. He spawns in front of the corpse of a large neutral crab Carapin.
  • Kang the Soul Thief is a Mogu that spawns in the west of Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, near the wall between Vale and Townlong Steppes.
  • Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud is a neutral Pandaren meditating inside one of the caves in the south of Vale of the Eternal Blossoms.
  • Yorik Sharpeye is a Yaungol in the east of Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, sitting by a small body of water.

We have included a map and coordinates to help you locate all the rares in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Map of Vale of Eternal Blossoms Rares

/way #390 31.10 90.90 Major Nanners
/way #390 14.60 55.60 Kal'tik the Blight
/way #390 40.61 25.20 Urgolax
/way #390 39.10 53.00 Moldo One-Eye
/way #390 69.30 30.03 Sahn Tidehunter
/way #390 15.40 35.68 Kang the Soul Thief
/way #390 42.55 69.28 Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud
/way #390 87.0 44.6 Yorik Sharpeye

Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus achievement will require you to get Exalted with the Golden Lotus reputation. While this may look daunting, it's actually very quick.

If you have previously had a Revered or higher reputation with Golden Lotus on a retail character, make sure to log into it and purchase the Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus from Jaluu the Generous; who is located in your respective faction capital of Pandaria. The Grand Commendation will increase your reputation gains by 100%, which carries over to MoP Remix, halving the amount of time you have to spend farming.

The Golden Lotus dailies Map Location

There are two main ways to gain reputation with Golden Lotus. The first is to do dailies located in the Setting Sun Garrison, which will take around 30 minutes to complete. It takes about two to three days to hit exalted. The second option is to kill the Mogu around the Ruins of Guo-Lai, which will take around 15-20 minutes of continuous grinding. Make sure to use the traps located around the ruins as they kill mobs very fast.

Vale of Eternal Blossom Grind LocationThe traps located around Guo-Lai ruins

The August Celestials

The August Celestials achievement will require you to get Exalted with The August Celestials reputation. This will take longer than the Golden Lotus, but still has a Bronze Reward, so still worth working towards.

Start of The August Celestials dailies locationThe August Celestials dailies NPC

In order to start gaining reputation for The August Celestials you will first need to talk either to Sage Whiteheart (Alliance) or Sage Lotusbloom (Horde). They will give you a daily quest directing you towards one of the four temples around Pandaria, where you will get a small chain of daily quests granting between 1100 and 1300 reputation.

We hope this guide helped you obtain (in my opinion) one of the best looking mounts to be released. We have more guides on each of the Zone Tour achievements such as Tour The Jade Forest, Tour the Valley of the Four Winds, Tour of Kun-Lai Summit, Tour Townlong Steppes, Tour Krasarang Wilds and Tour Dread Wastes.