Tour Dread Wastes Achievement Guide (MoP Remix)

Tour Dread Wastes Achievement Guide (MoP Remix)

Written by Roguery - 17th May 2024

In this guide we are going to take you through what you need to do in order to complete the Tour Dread Wastes achievement in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria. Tour Dread Wastes is a meta achievement that requires the completion of two other achievements: Explore Dread Wastes, Elusive Foes: Dread Wastes.

The achievement involves fully exploring and killing rares in Dread Wastes; our guide provides the Dread Wastes Rare locations to help you complete this achievement quicker.

There is a similar achievement for each of the Pandaria zones:

By completing this achievement and one of the following two: Campaign: Dread Wastes, The Klaxxi you will be rewarded with the Sha Corruption Item.

Explore Dread Wastes

The Explore Dread Wastes Achievement simply requires you to fly around the zone and uncover every area of the map, the locations can be tracked on the achievement. It’s likely that you will have already discovered some of these locations whilst leveling or looking for rares and treasures, so you will just need to find the ones you are missing.

Elusive Foes: Dread Wastes Rares Locations

This achievement will require you to find and defeat three of the eight rares located around Dread Wastes. All of the rares are fairly easy to solo.

We have included a map and coordinates to help you locate all the rares in Dread Wastes.

  • Ik-Ik the Nimble is a Hozen located in the south of Dread Wastes, inside a cave to the south of Kypari’ik.
  • Gar’lok is a Mantid located in the west of Dread Wastes. He has several spawn points near the Heart of Fear raid entrance.
  • Krol the Blade is a Mogu located in the northeast part of Dread wastes. He has several spawn points around the Terrace of Gurthan.
  • Omnis Grinlok is a Saurok located in the south of Dread Wastes. He patrols around the briny muck.
  • Nalash Verdantis is a Jinyu located in the southwest of Dread Wastes, in the center of the Lake of Stars.
  • Karr the Darkener is a Mogu located in the east of Dread Wastes, on the south part of the Terrace of Gurthan.
  • Al-Li Skymirror is a Pandaren located in northwestern Dread Wastes, just north of the Heart of Fear entrance.
  • Dak The Breaker is a Yaungol that spawns on the Venomous Ledge, which is the western most point of Dread Wastes.

dread wastes rares location map

/way #388 67.75 74.08 The Yowler
/way #388 47.04 84.60 Lith’ik the Stalker
/way #388 63.40 35.80 Kah’tir
/way #388 59.40 85.06 Siltriss the Sharpener
/way #388 66.31 86.63 Eshelon
/way #388 53.45 63.78 Norlaxx
/way #388 32.15 62.38 Yul Wildpaw
/way #388 67.55 50.18 Lon the Bull

Completing this achievement will also reward a Lesser Bronze Cache.

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