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Magmorax Awakened Heroic Boss Guide

Last Updated: 29th Apr, 2024

Raid Setup


Magmorax is a Single target encounter that requires both high DPS and HPS checks. Players must stay alert and quickly soak up lava puddles to reduce their size, or risk running out of space in the arena. The Boss will also unleash a heavy knockback on the entire raid, challenging players to position themselves wisely. If the boss stands in fire, it will gain extra energy and if it reaches 100, it will unleash a devastating attack that will wipe out your group almost in an instant, much like Thanos. Prepare yourself for a heated battle with an enraged hydra as Magmorax brings the flames to your raid team.

Fight Style: Single Target fight

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 5 - 6 Healers / 13+ DPS

Useful Utilities: Time-Spiral, Rescue, Blessing of Protection, Immunities, Warlock Gateway

This guide has been updated for Awakened in Season 4 of Dragonflight.

With the item level curve of Season 4 and there not being any affixes means that the fight should be quite similar to when it was first released. Any further updates needed for Awakened tuning will be made as soon as possible.

Video Guide

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Easy Mode

In the Heroic Awakened version of this fight, you can place all mechanics on top of the boss and all soak together.

  • Tanks should position the boss on one side of the room to avoid knock-backs towards the lava and make sure boss never touches Magma Puddles
  • Tank swap every 1-2 stacks of Incinerating Maws
  • Players should keep their puddles close to the boss.
  • Each Magma puddle needs to be soaked fully by 2-3 players at the same time to reduce the amount of stacks gained per soak
  • Never Reach 25 stacks of Searing Heat
  • Avoid soaking magma puddles during Igniting Roar
  • Soak each Lava Ejection Circle and alternate players soaking this ability
  • Dodge Blazing Breath Frontal
  • Use Warlock Gateway to prevent Overwhelming Stomp knock-back or use personal abilities
  • Sub 30% boss health, place puddles far away and stack behind the boss for extra healing
  • Only soak if puddles are creeping up to the boss
  • Kill before the boss reaches 100 energy


Catastrophic Eruption Mechanic Icon

Catastrophic Eruption


If Magmorax reaches 100 energy, he will deal 150% increased physical damage, inflict 122,682 fire damage to all players and increase fire damage taken by 50% every 2 seconds until everyone is dead or the boss has been defeated. This is your enrage mechanic.

Molten Spittle Mechanic Icon

Molten Spittle

Drops a magma puddle

Several players (2-3 depending on the raid size) will get a circle that ticks for 81,788 fire damage every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds. Afterwards, it will explode and hit anyone in a 10 yard range for 122,682 fire damage and leave a Magma Puddle on the ground.

Magma Puddle Mechanic Icon

Magma Puddle

Soak to reduce size

Magma puddles will slowly grow in size, unless they are soaked by players. Currently there is no size limit, so fully ignored puddles will cover the entire map if not soaked.

Players standing in a Magma Puddle will gain Searing Heat stacks, each stack deals 8,179 fire damage every second for 15 seconds.

If you gain 25 stacks, you will become Incinerated and die.

Blazing Tantrum Mechanic Icon

Blazing Tantrum

Boss gains extra energy if touching fire puddles

If the boss is standing in a Magma Puddle, he will gain 5 energy and inflict 40,894 fire damage every second.

Igniting Roar Mechanic Icon

Igniting Roar

Deals raid wide damage and spawns random magma puddles

The boss will deal 143,128 fire damage to all players and apply a DoT that ticks for 4,089 fire damage. This stacks and does not reset until the end of the fight, meaning the fight becomes progressively harder to heal. 

Additionally, the boss will use Lava Ejection, which spawns several circles around the boss that need to be soaked. 1 player per circle. 

It deals 81,788 fire damage per soak and increases damage taken from this spell by 150% for 1 minute. Meaning, you will want to rotate different players for each Lava Ejection cast.

If you fail to soak Lava Ejection circles, the entire raid takes 204,469 fire damage per circle missed and spawns a magma puddle on that location.

Overpowering Stomp Mechanic Icon

Overpowering Stomp


Deals 163,575 physical damage to all players and knocks them away. The knock is pretty big, so avoiding it is very important. Currently, apart from knock-back cancelling abilities like blinks and teleports, the only way to avoid the knock is using the Warlock gateway cheese strat; using the gateway just before the cast is done, so that you are in traveling when the knock happens. This will fully negate the effect.

Blazing Breath Mechanic Icon

Blazing Breath

Frontal, Dodge

Targets a random player with a frontal cone, and deals 327,151 fire damage to all players that are hit.

Incinerating Maws Mechanic Icon

Incinerating Maws


Simple tank-swap mechanic, swap after 2 stacks.


Awakened Note for Season 4 of Dragonflight.

Due to this being an under-tuned fight on the Awakened Heroic difficulty, every mechanic can be placed in melee (on top of the boss) and soaked together.

If your group struggles with this approach, you can still follow the original strategy below.

General Magmorax Heroic Positioning

magmorax general positioning

For better knocks, tanks should position the boss on one side of the room. This will ensure that any players behind the boss will be knocked towards the back of the room, away from lava (unless they are positioned to the side). Make sure to move the boss away from any Magma Puddles, otherwise he will damage the raid and gain extra energy.

Tanks should swap every 1-2 stacks of Incinerating Maws.

Early into the fight, Melees should place their puddle close to the boss, so that the entire melee camp can soak it. Range should also keep their puddles close.

You should always soak one puddle with 2-3 players. This is better because it will speed up soaking the puddles and also add less stacks per player. It's better to have several players get 5 stacks than 1 player solo getting 15 stacks at once.

Your aim is to soak up as many puddles as possible, whilst making sure everyone in the raid helps soaking. As a general rule, you never want to go over 15-20 stacks, since you will be ticking for around 80-120k per second and you risk getting 25 stacks if you get hit by random puddles etc.

If you get a Magma Puddle circle while you are away from the raid, because of the knock-back for example, just drop that puddle to the side. In general, your main objective is to clean up the area around the boss and middle of the room as best as you can. When you get the boss to below 30%, you should look to only drop the puddles to the side, soaking only the puddles that are creeping towards the boss.

Avoid doing puddle soaking during Igniting Roar. The raid will take heavy raid-wide damage and will have to deal with Lava Ejection. Once the cast is finished, you can go back to clearing puddles.

magmorax lava ejection positioning

The boss will spawn several circles around him that need to be soaked. You want to use one player per circle and swap groups with every other cast, because you take 150% increased damage from this ability for a minute if you soaked. The best approach is to have Melee soak the first set and ranged players the next set. Rinse and repeat from here.

When the boss is about to use Overwhelming Stomp (knock-back), position yourself in range of the Warlock Gateway. In the last 0.5 second before the cast finishes, use the Gateway, this will make you travel during the knock-back, and will fully negate the knock-back. Early in the fight, it's fine to get knocked (not into the lava); however, when the boss is at 80+ energy, you will want to skip that one as best as you can, as getting knocked then will be more likely to result in players dying. This is because the room will be covered in magma puddles and you already have high ticking damage because of the Igniting Roar stacks.

It is very important that once the call has been made (sub 30% boss health) to just place the puddles to the side and avoid soaking unless the puddles are creeping in that the entire raid should stack behind the boss for extra healing. At that point of the fight the passive raid damage will already be very high, so stacking will be a significant help.

The fight overall comes down to making sure you do not run out of space and that the boss is not standing in Magma Puddles. All players need to help soak the puddles, if several players are avoiding it, it will just make others soak more, causing them to have higher stacks than they should have.