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Rashok, the Elder Heroic Boss Guide

Rashok, the Elder
Last Updated: 28th Apr, 2023

Raid Setup


Rashok is a challenging Single-Target encounter that consists of a repeating cycle of 1 phase and an intermission. The key to success in this fight is to strategically position the Lava pools while avoiding the lava puddles. Players must also soak the powerful Charged Smash attack to survive. As the fight progresses, the number of lava puddles and pools will significantly increase, creating a daunting obstacle course that requires careful planning and precise execution. Prepare to test your limits as you face Rashok, the master of molten mayhem!

Fight Style: Single Target Fight

Recommended Setup: 2 Tanks / 5+ Healers / 13+ DPS

Useful Utilities: Druid Roar / Shaman Totem/ Barrier / Anti Magic Zone / Spirit Link Totem / Darkness

Video Guide

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Easy Mode

  • Pull the boss to the side of the room and face him towards the wall
  • Position yourself to have the boss and Living Lava in line of sight so you can dodge lava puddles easier
  • Soak all Doom Flame circles and soak Charged smash with nearly everyone
  • Dodge Shadowlava Blast Frontal, you can bait it towards a wall to make it easier
  • Bring the boss to the centre of the room before he reaches 100 energy (95-98)
  • During intermission, stack up and dodge Shadow Lines
  • Repeat the fight and be ready to dodge more lava puddles and take extra Searing Slam damage


Ancient Fury Mechanic Icon

Ancient Fury


If Rashok reaches 100 energy, he will inflict 312,038 damage to the entire raid every 3 seconds.

Once it's triggered, it cannot be stopped and works as an enrage mechanic.

Molten Wrath Mechanic Icon

Molten Wrath


Every 15 seconds, Lava puddles will shoot out in random directions from Living Lava pools.

Dodge them, as they inflict 234,029 Fire damage every 1.5 seconds.

Searing Slam Mechanic Icon

Searing Slam

Place close to other living lava pools

The boss will mark a player with a yellow arrow and a circle around them, after a few seconds he will jump to that location and deal 62,408 damage to all players. It seems that the player getting hit takes no extra damage.

This ability will deal more damage the more Lava Pools there are in the room. This is unavoidable and also serves as a soft enrage towards the end when the entire room is filled with Lava Pools, Searing Slam might just one shot the entire raid.

If you hit another Lava Pool with Searing slam, it will trigger Scorching Outburst and basically cause a wipe.

The Slam will also trigger all Lava pools to send out Lava puddles in random directions, so make sure to be ready to dodge a lot of those.

Doom Flame Mechanic Icon

Doom Flame


Spawns several circles around the room that need to be soaked, dealing 93,612 damage on impact and 31,204 damage as a DoT that stacks.

Failing to soak one of those circles will inflict 140,417 damage to the entire raid instead.

Shadowlava Blast Mechanic Icon

Shadowlava Blast

Frontal, Dodge

Massive Frontal attack that deals 780,096 damage to anyone getting hit by it. Can be baited by the raid to target a wall or a specific direction, otherwise just avoid it.

Charged Smash Mechanic Icon

Charged Smash

Everyone Soak

Smash that needs to be soaked by multiple players. Players that do not soak it take high damage instead, so it's advisable for everyone to soak it.

Wrath of Djaruun Mechanic Icon

Wrath of Djaruun


Standard Tank combo mechanic. Boss does 2 types of attacks (Fire and Earth), you cannot get hit by the same one twice unless you can immune it.

Siphon Energy Mechanic Icon

Siphon Energy

Move boss to center to activate

There is a large circle in the middle of the room, moving the boss exactly in the center of it will trigger Siphon Energy (Energy Drain).

The boss will be AFK during this and inflict 93,612 damage to all players every 1.5 seconds until his energy reaches 0. Players should stack up somewhere to help healers and dodge the line of shadows that randomly spawn around the boss.

Unyielding Rage Mechanic Icon

Unyielding Rage


When Siphon Energy is finished, the boss will knock everyone away and deal a small amount of damage.

Additionally, you receive a debuff that prevents you from draining the boss again for a certain amount of time.


Opening Position

rashok opening position

Pull the boss to the side of the room and face him towards the wall.

Players who get targeted by Searing Slam should place it away from the raid, preferably somewhere in the corner of the room. From there, each Searing Slam should be positioned next to the previous one, in a counter-clockwise direction (Clockwise will work too). If you hit another Lava Pool with Searing slam it will trigger Scorching Outburst and basically cause a wipe.

Players should position themselves so that they have the boss and the Living Lava pools in line of sight. That way you will never get surprised by moving lava puddles and will always see them coming towards you.

When the Doom Flame circles spawn, make sure all of them are soaked.

Charged Smash soaks should be soaked by nearly everyone, as you take less damage that way, keep in mind that if you have a Searing Slam just after the soak, the damage will ramp up as you have 2 DoTs ticking on you.

At this point, you should get the Shadowlava Blast frontal, try to bait it towards a wall or simply dodge it with speed boosts and being close to the boss. 

Afterwards, bring the boss close to the center of the room, while placing the last Searing Slam and dodging the lava puddles. Just before he reaches 100 energy, move the boss into the center of the room.

When the boss reaches the middle, it will activate the Siphon Energy (Conduit) intermission.

During the intermission, you just want to stack up somewhere as a group while dodging the Shadow Lines that spawn in random directions. Once the boss' energy reaches 0, you will get knocked away, take a small amount of damage and receive a debuff that prevents you from draining again for an amount of time.

Repeat the fight exactly as you did so far, but now you will have to dodge more lava puddles, and take more damage from Searing slam.