Retribution Paladin

Patch 7.2

Written by Retoliez Last Updated: 4th Jun, 2017

Playstyle & Rotation

When it comes to how to play Ret Paladin it really comes down to how you play in Crusade and how long you keep the Legendary Cloak buff up.

Quick reminders

How to play during Crusade/opener

When it comes to how you should open when you play with Crusade it all changes depending on how many Crusade relics/traits you have. There are other ways to open in Crusade but these are the ones I've found to be the best ones. On all of these openers you will always use Divine Hammer on 7-8 sec left on pulltimer, as you run in for some extra dps and 2 free holy power as you get to the boss. The main reason for different openers in Crusade is that on later traits you can get 2 Wake of Ashes in 1 Crusade.

There are openers where you get 5 Holy Power before you pop your first Crusade but i feel like you lose too much time on Potion of the Old War that it's not worth it unless you get lucky with procs on pull. See 5 traits.

2nd Crusade