Retribution Paladin gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Nurseos Retribution Paladin Author


The general rule with gearing: Item Level is the King, however you always should simulate your character.


Best in Slot:

  1. Blazebinder’s Hoof from Ruby Life Pools is BiS for every fight.
  2. Manic Grieftorch perfect choice for Single target fights
  3. Storm-Eater’s Boon or Windscar Whetstone for AoE

Good Trinkets:

  1. Whispering Incarnate Icon
  2. Bonemaw’s Big Toe
  3. Rumbling Ruby
  4. Horn of Valor
  5. Idol of Trampling Hooves

Tier Set

The first tier set of Dragonflight gives Retribution a flat damage bonus to your abilities.

2p gives you around 1.5% on single target and 3% on AoE.

The second bonus by itself gives about 4,7% on ST and 3.3% on AoE.

4p combined gives 6,4% on ST and 6,7% on AoE.

Stat-wise, all set pieces are good, but Item Level wise, excluding the Catalyst usage, you can avoid legs. 


  1. Fang Adornments. Weapon Only. If you already have a higher Item Level weapon - you don’t need it;
  2. Unstable Frostfire Belt if you have Seal of Diurna’s Chosen
  3. Elemental Lariat (necklace)
  4. Allied Wristguard of Companionship
  5. Unstable Frostfire Belt

Your best combo will be Elemental Lariat and Unstable Frostfire Belt.