Retribution Paladin talents guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Nurseos Retribution Paladin Author

Class Talents

Let's take a look at whole class tree:

  • Green are pure DPS talents;
  • Yellow are utility/survivability/movement talents that you have to take at least some to unlock next row of talents;
  • Red are not recommended talents to have;

ret paladin class tree

Now let's talk about every row in particular.

ret paladin class tree 1

First tier already has a baseline Hammer of Wrath and Retribution Aura. We have to spend 8 talent points to unlock the next row.

ret paladin class tree 2

Next stop is the second talent row. Here we have to spend 12 talent points overall to make your way to the last row.

ret paladin class tree 3

The last row has the most number of strong DPS talents. At the moment you want to have these talents no matter what are you doing:

  • Seal of Might at the moment doesn’t feel that good compared with Seal of Alacrity so it is only worth to have it on AoE;
  • Sanctified Wrath deals respectable damage on AoE however it is still a bit behind Seraphim on AoE. On single target it does not enough damage;
  • Seraphim is a good choice for everything. It has 45 sec CD, but you should use it like it is a 1 min CD;
  • Seal Clarity doesn’t give any DPS increase;
  • Obduracy isn’t a bad talent at all, however it cost us other DPS talent in 3rd row. For single target it can be taken instead of Hallowed Ground with a minor dps loss

Spec Talents

Spec Talent tree has mostly DPS talents, but it also provides some utility / survivability talents. DPS Talents mostly can be separated into 3 major groups - Single Target, Cleave / AoE and versatile talents:

  • Green are versatile talents that have their usage at any type of encounter;
  • Blue are Single Target talents;
  • Purple are AoE/Cleave focused;
  • Yellow are Utility and Survivability talents

ret paladin spec tree

Now let get into the builds

Talent Builds

Single Target (Option 1)


You can swap around talents like Exorcism, Truth’s Awake or Highlord’s Judgment ½.

Single Target (Option 2)


This build works only for pure Single target scenarios. It provides less DPS in sims. However, it is still a solid choice if you need longer burst windows. It also gives you access to Healing Hands which provides a lot of healing with Word of Glory.

Both builds are really close to each other. They are both good for single target but have a bit different damage profiles. Build #1 makes your DPS spikier but, at the same time, gives you a short burst window each minute during the fight. Build #2 is a more stable and flat DPS with a better ramp-up during execution.

Main synergy here is the synergy between Seal of Order, Zealot’s Paragon, Crusade, Divine Toll and Vanguard’s Momentum:

  • Every Judgment and Hammer of Wrath is going to extend your crusade by 0.5 second; 
  • Judgments from Divine Toll count as usual Judgment;
  • Hammer of Wrath increases your Holy damage by 12% at 3 stacks (build #2);
  • Both charges of Hammer of Wrath can be reseted by Final Verdict (build #2);
  • Blessing of Dawn increases all your damage and healing by 8%;
  • You also have access to your SotFO tier set via ret tree talents. So you have a chance to get back your Wake of Ashes with every Art of War proc;
  • Exorcism is just a flat 3-4% of your damage. If you don’t want to play with it you can swap it with Truth’s Awake or Highlord’s Judgment. Or you can add Healing Hands.
  • Empyrean Legacy is simply additional DPS, and doesn't affect your gameplay on Single Target.



DPS-wise, you can have Exorcism and Hand of Hindrance over Healing Hands and Consecrated Ground, but it may also affect your survivability and teammates.
The toolkit of utility spells from the general tree depends on your needs.

Divine Storm and all AoE talents become better from 2 targets.

  • The idea with increasing duration of your Crusade doesn’t work at AoE as good as for ST because we can’t afford Vanguard’s Momentum and have additional Hammer of Wrath charge;
  • You always want to combine usage of your Final Reckoning with Divine Toll to generate and spend as many Holly Power during 8 seconds of Final Reckoning  as possible.
  • Wake of Ashes we replace with Radiant Decree. This is the strongest Holy Power spender you have. Make sure you are using by CD and pair it up with Crusade.
  • Consecration by its own hits like a truck. And even more because we have Hallowed Ground from the general tree and Sanctify from the ret tree. Plus we can have additional Consecration due to the Consecrated Blade talent.