Retribution Paladin Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Class Talents

Let's take a look at whole class tree:

  • Green are pure DPS talents
  • Yellow are utility/survivability/movement talents that you have to take at least some to unlock next row of talents

retribution paladin class tree general

Now let's talk about every row in particular.

Row 1

The very first row of talents doesn’t contain a lot of DPS talents, however it provides utility and mobility. We have to spend 8 talents to reach the 2nd row.

I would recommend having:

However, if you want to reach Blinding Light, you have to drop some other talent. I would recommend avoiding Seasoned Warhorse in that case.

Row 2

Second row has a bit more pure DPS talents but at the same time it has way more utility talents. We have to spend 12 talent points to reach the most important talent section.

If you don’t require having something specific, your basic talent choice would be:

Row 3

Third row has the most DPS talents in a class tree. We have 11 talents for this section. Talents you are going to have in every scenario are:

The final 3 points are only fixed for single target builds. They should be spent for Seal of Crusader 2/2 and Vengeful Wrath.

For AoE scenarios, you want to have Divine Purpose. Seal of Crusader or Incandescence provides minimal dps improvement so you actually can spend the rest 2 talents to bring more utility, extra healing or movement.

Spec Talents

Spec Talent tree has mostly DPS talents, but it also provides some utility / survivability talents. DPS Talents mostly can be separated into 3 major groups - Single Target, Cleave/AoE and versatile talents:

  • Green are versatile talents that have their usage at any type of encounter
  • Blue are Single Target talents
  • Purple are AoE/Cleave focused
  • Yellow are Utility and Survivability talents

retribution paladin spec tree general

Before we jump right into completed builds, I feel like we have to go through some new specific talents and their usage:

Talent Builds

Single Target




Mythic+ Tyrannical


Mythic+ Fortified