Retribution Paladin

Patch 8.3

Written by Narcolies Last Updated: 27th Feb, 2020

Recommended Talents

Recommended Raiding Build

Recommended Mythic+ Build

Talent Discussion

  • The difference in the raiding and m+ build is simple. The raiding one is focused on pure single target while the m+ build is more AoE heavy.
  • There are builds for single target that pick Zeal and Blade of Wrath, but the majority of the time, the raiding build for pure single target is the best. But you should always sim yourself to see what is best for your character.

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Righteous VerdictPassive
Execution SentenceInstant

Zeal: When you cast Judgment it will give your next 3 auto attacks to occur 30% faster and deal some holy damage, this effect can stack up to 9 times. I would only go Zeal if I was spamming Divine storm way more often than Templar’s verdict.

Righteous Verdict: When you cast Templar’s Verdict your next Templar’s Verdict is Increased by 15% for 6 seconds. Your whole gameplay is pretty much played around keeping this up for as long as you can.

Execution Sentence: When cast on your target it will deal some holy damage and for the next 20 seconds increasing the targets holy damage taken by 20% from you.

For Single target go for Execution Sentence and for AoE you want to go Zeal. Righteous Verdict is not bad for single target, but if you play well, then execution sentence is better. It also works better for the fights in the raid seeing as there are a lot of adds to priority kill.

Tier 2 (30)

Fires of JusticePassive
Blade of WrathPassive
Hammer of WrathInstant

Fires of justice: Reduces the cooldown of Crusader Strike by 15% and grants a 15% chance to make your next ability consume 1 less Holy Power. Right now I don't see any point in picking this, the 2 other talents are just way better in overall damage.

Blade of Wrath: it doubles the proc rate of Art of War and increases its damage by 25%. Currently you can make this talent work if either you got the traits that buffs it or you have a heavy amount of crit.

Hammer of Wrath: Ranged execute that deals Holy damage and only usable during Wings or 20%. Currently this is the best Raiding and M+ talent. Gives 1 Holy Power.

Right now Hammer of Wrath is the way to go, but as I said Blade of Wrath is also a decent option if you have the azerite traits and Crit to go with it. But you should sim it for your own character!

Tier 3 (45)

Fist of JusticePassive
Repentance1.7 sec cast
Blinding LightInstant

Fist of Justice: Each Holy Power spent reduces the remaining cooldown of hammer of justice by 2 seconds.

Repentance: Incapacitating a target for 1 minute. Usable against Humanoids, Demons, Undeads, Dragonkin and Giants.

Blinding Light: Blinding enemies within 10 yards for 6 sec, all non-Holy damage will break this.

This comes down to what you’re doing in the game, for me I always just run around with Fist of Justice and for fights requiring adds to be CCd I use Repentance to Incapacitate an add.

Tier 4 (60)

Divine JudgmentPassive
Wake of AshesInstant

Divine Judgment: Each enemy hit by your Holy Power spells such as Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm will increase the damage of your next Judgment by 20%, this stacks up 15 times.

Consecration: Consecrates the land under you, dealing Holy damage over 6 sec to enemies who enters and stays in it. Gives 1 Holy power and it has a 20 sec cooldown.

Wake of Ashes: Dealing Holy damage 12 yd in front of you and slows movement speed by 50% for 5 sec, also stuns Demons and undead. Gives 5 Holy power and has a 45 sec cooldown.

Wake of Ashes is right now the way to go, the damage it deals and holy power you gain is just too good to give up. Although Consecration can work, it's just way too unstable to deal with and the damage, even if you play it perfectly, is still sub par.

Tier 5 (75)

Unbreakable SpiritPassive
Eye for an EyeInstant

Unbreakable Spirit: Reduces the cooldown of Divine shield, Shield of Vengeance and Lay on Hands by 30%.

Cavalier: Gives your Divine Steed 2 Charges.

Eye for an Eye: Reduces physical damage taken by 35% and deals 2.8k physical damage back to any melee attackers for 10 sec. 1 min Cooldown.

It all comes down to the fight and what you need, for example:

  • If you need bubble more often than every 5 minutes then pick Unbreakable Spirit.
  • If there is a lot of movement such as moving to adds and back then pick Cavalier.
  • If there is any AoE damage spell that ticks that deal physical damage pick Eye for an Eye.

Tier 6 (90)

Selfless HealerPassive
Justicar's VengeanceInstant
Word of GloryInstant

Selfless Healer: Each Holy Power spent reduces cast time of your next Flash of Light by 25% and increase its healing by 10%. This can stack up to 4 times.

Justicar’s Vengeance: Powerful weapon strike that deals a massive amount of Holy damage and restores health equal to the damage done. Damage is increased by 50% when used against a stunned target. Needs 5 Holy power.

Word of Glory: Heal a friendly target and 2 most injured targets within 30 yards, it has a maximum of 2 Charges.

For progress I always pick Word of Glory, but for more self play you could pick selfless healer. The choice really comes down to deciding if you want be a team player or instant cast Flash of light on low targets rather then spending holy power on a massive heal. I will note that selfless healer is really strong on Azshara.

Tier 7 (100)

Divine PurposePassive

Divine Purpose: Each time you spend Holy power you have a 15% chance to make your next holy spender free and deal 20% increased damage and healing.

Crusade: Increasing your damage and haste by 3% for 30 sec, each Holy Power spent during Crusade increases damage and haste by an additional 3% up to a maximum of 10 stacks.

Inquisition: Spend 3 Holy Power to increase your damage and haste by 7% lasting 15 sec per Holy Power used.

Right now Inquisition is the best talent for pure single target. Divine Purpose can still be used in M+ or really heavy AoE fights. Whereas, Crusade right now is just lacking in tuning, but always sim to see if it's better for you.