Primordial Stones, Onyx Annulet Ring and the Zskera Vaults in Patch 10.0.7

Primordial Stones, Onyx Annulet Ring and the Zskera Vaults in Patch 10.0.7

Written by Leyst - 28th February 2023

Primordial Stone is a new gem type introduced in Patch 10.0.7, which is closely associated with a new ring known as the Onyx Annulet. You're not alone if you thought it was called the Onyx Amulet, expecting it to be a necklace. All of this involves content within the Zskera Vaults, located on the new zone, The Forbidden Reach.

How to get the Onyx Annulet Ring

To acquire the Onyx Annulet ring, you need to complete a quest called "The Forgotten Ring" in the Zskera Vaults. Upon your first entry into the vault, you will find the ring lying on the ground at the back. Simply right-click on it to begin the questline.

the forgotten ring onyx annulet quest

Zskera Vaults

After logging in to Patch 10.0.7, a quest named "Hidden Legacies" will appear and prompt you to talk to the Healing Wings Envoy at the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken to learn about the events in the Forbidden Reach. Following this quest will eventually lead you to Morqut Village, where you can accept a quest called "Exploring Our Past" from Scalecommander Viridia, which will guide you to the Zskera Vaults.

The Zskera Vault is a brand-new solo feature in Patch 10.0.7 located on the Morqut Islet in the Forbidden Reach. The vault is packed with puzzles and secrets concealed behind 29 doors, which can be unlocked using a Zskera Vault Key for each door.

Zskera Vault map image Zskera Vault image

In addition to obtaining pets and toys by solving puzzles, you can also acquire Primordial Stones from chests, these stones can be slotted into your Onyx Annulet.

The Zskera Vaults reset on a weekly basis, meaning that the doors you unlocked the week before will be sealed, this also means that they may differ from those of your friends.

How to get Zskera Vault Keys

Introduction Quest

By completing the introductory quest, The Keys You Need, to the Zskera Vaults, you'll receive your first 6 Zskera Vault Keys.

What's noteworthy is that these keys are bound to your blizzard account, allowing you to finish the quest on all of your level 70 alts and send the Zskera Vault Keys to your main character before you start farming them from rares, treasures and weekly quests located in the Forbidden Reach.

So, if you have multiple alternate characters (alts), you can unlock more doors within the Zskera Vaults much quicker during the first week of the patch.

Weekly Quests

You can obtain 3 additional Zskera Vault keys by completing the weekly quest:

Zskera Vault Versions

Currently, we have 4 different Zskera Vaults:

  • Zskera Vault: Az
  • Zskera Vault: Ix
  • Zskera Vault: Kx
  • Zskera Vault: Ur

What is a Primordial Stone

A Primordial Stone is a brand-new gem type that you can slot into your Onyx Annulet. These gems can increase your item level while also providing enjoyable and powerful effects. More information about the effects can be found further along in this article.

How to get Primordial Stones

Looting chests in the Zskera Vaults can yield a decent quantity of Primordial Stones. You can also acquire them by purchasing a Condensed Magic item from Researcher Imareth (Condensed Arcane Magic) and using that item to create one of it's respective stones. You can also get the Condensed Magic Items from participating in activities in The Forbidden Reach, such as defeating Rare Creatures, looting Storm-Bound Chests and participating in Primal Storms.

How to Upgrade Primordial Stones

Your local Jewelcrafter will be able to upgrade your Primordial Stones using a new recipe known as Unstable Elementium. This recipe can be obtained from a rare creature named Amephyst in The Forbidden Reach and requires a minimum of 50 Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting skill to be learned.

In order to increase the item level of your Primordial Stones to 424, you'll need 2x Unstable Elementium. The first time you use the item, it will upgrade the stone to 418, and then to 424.

To craft an Unstable Elementium you need 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments and 25 Silken Gemdust.

Dormant Primordial Fragments involves breaking down Primordial Stones, and additional details on this can be found below.

Learning how to Remove and Break Primordial Stones

In order to take out a Primordial Stone from your Onyx Annulet and break down unwanted stones for the currency to buy Condensed Magic, you will be required to carry out a short quest called Primordial Embellishment, which is offered by Researcher Imareth.

To complete the quest you need to collect a Primordial Jeweler's Kit and a Primordial Anvil, both of which are located in the Zskera Vaults. Luckily, the quest offers assistance in locating the exact door that leads to these items.

Break Primordial Stone Pluck Out Primordial Stone

Once you hand in the quest, you will unlock the option to remove a Primordial Stone from your Onyx Annulet and break Primordial Stones you don't need.

To remove a gem or destroy a Primordial Stone, just go up to respective table in Morqut Village, click on the extra action button that appears, and then select the ring to remove a gem or click on the desired Primordial Stone to destroy it.

Remove a Primordial Stone: Pluck Out Primordial Stone

Break a Primordial Stone: Break Primordial Stone

Taking out a gem will result in the Primordial Stone being returned to your bag. Meanwhile, destroying a stone will yield Dormant Primordial Fragments that can be used to purchase Condensed Magic from Researcher Imareth.

Dormant Primordial Fragments

As mentioned in the previous section, Dormant Primordial Fragments can be obtained by destroying primordial stones. Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that a recent PTR update now allows for the acquisition of these fragments by looting chests within the Zskera vault.

  • Destroying Primordial Stones
  • Looting chests in The Zskera Vault

Condensed Magic

Condensed Magic is a new item in Patch 10.0.7 that can create a Primordial Stone. You can buy them from Researcher Imareth for 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments or obtain them through activities in The Forbidden Reach, such as the Storm-Bound Chest and The Primal Storm.

Researcher Imareth Location

Researcher Imareth Vendor map image Researcher Imareth Vendor

The condensed Magic items available are Condensed Arcane Magic, Condensed Earth Magic, Condensed Fire Magic, Condensed Frost Magic, Condensed Nature Magic, Condensed Shadow Magic, Condensed Necromantic Magic.

For a detailed list of Condensed Magic and which Primordial Stones they contain, you can read our List of All Primordial Stones and Condensed Magic article.