How to Gear Up in The Forbidden Reach (395+ Item Level)

How to Gear Up in The Forbidden Reach (395+ Item Level)

Written by Leyst - 7th March 2023

In Patch 10.0.7, new 385 item level gear tokens have been added for Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Plate armor types, as well as miscellaneous tokens such as Cloaks, Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets, and Weapons.

These tokens are obtainable from all activities within The Forbidden Reach, even including dropping from non-elite mobs. The tokens are account bound, which means they can be transferred to other characters. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to gear up your main character or alts.

However, clicking on one of the tokens will create a Primal Infused item, these items are soulbound making it unable to be transferred to your other characters. Only the tokens can be traded between characters.

In addition to the Primalist gear tokens, you have the opportunity to obtain an Onyx Annulet, a ring with a 405 item level that can be upgraded to 424 by obtaining Primordial Stones and upgrading them. The ring is similar to the Mechagon Punch Card from Battle for Azeroth.

Further information about the Onyx Annulet ring and Primordial Stones can be found in our Patch 10.0.7 guide on Primordial Stones, Onyx Annulet Ring, and the Zskera Vaults.

Upgrading Primalist Gear to 395/398 Item Level

To enhance the 385 Item Level Primal Infused gear to an item level of 395, you must speak with Researcher Baneflare, who can be found near the Morqut Village flightpath in The Forbidden Reach.

Keep in mind that you will require an Untapped Forbidden Knowledge to upgrade the gear.

It is also possible to increase the item level of your 389 Storm Fury Gear, such as rings, trinkets, and necklaces from Patch 10.0.5, to item level 398.

Researcher Baneflare Location

Researcher Baneflare map image Researcher Baneflare image
/way The Forbidden Reach:2151 35.72 59.39 Researcher Baneflare

Valdrakken Location

Erza Valdrakken map image Erza Valdrakken zone image
/way Valdrakken 38.64 37.12 Erza

Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

The Untapped Forbidden Knowledge is a required item if you want to upgrade your Primal Infused gear to an item level of 395/398. It has the potential to drop from the following sources:

  • Random mobs in The Forbidden Reach
  • Elite Rare Mobs, including the hidden profession mobs
  • The Forbidden Hoard Chest
  • Sack of Oddities (Purchased from the Dragonscale Expedition Renown Vendor)

Primal Infused Gear Transmog

Upgrading the Primal Infused gear to item level 395 will also teach you a new green color for the Primal set.

Primalist Gear Tokens

These are all the 385 item level primalist gear tokens that you will be able to obtain in The Forbidden Reach. When the tokens are used they will become Primal Infused.

Cloth Tokens

Leather Tokens

Mail Tokens

Plate Tokens

Miscellaneous Tokens

Final Thoughts

This gear will be a great way for catching your character's item level up whilst exploring the new content in the Forbidden Reach.

It's great that even if you loot tokens that you can't use on your current character, you can send them to your alts, as these tokens are account-bound.