How to Summon the Amephyst Rare on the Forbidden Reach

How to Summon the Amephyst Rare on the Forbidden Reach

Written by Leyst - 28th February 2023

The Unstable Elementium is an item that can increase the item level of your Primordial Stones up to 424. You need 2 Unstable Elementium to upgrade one stone to the max item level.

For additional information on Primordial Stones, Onyx Annulet Ring, and the Zskera Vaults, please read our other guide. To obtain the Jewelcrafting recipe, Unstable Elementium, you must perform a series of steps to summon a rare mob called Amephyst in The Forbidden Reach.

OBS: It seems like everyone with jewelcrafting will be able to get the recipe if they kill the rare even if they don't spawn it themselves. This was tested in a recent PTR build but we will update the information if necesarry.

Before we get to the steps I want to thank WorldOfMoudi and his stream for their awesome collaboration in discovering these details!

Step 1: Purchase Design: Crystal Tuning Fork

To obtain the Design: Crystal Tuning Fork, you can buy it from Trader Hag'arth located in Morqut Village for a price of 10 Artisan's Mettle. Crafting this item requires you to find a Crystal Fork in The Forbidden Reach.

Trader Hag'arth map image Trader Hag'arth zone image
/way The Forbidden Reach:2151 35.89 57.45 Trader Hag'arth

The vendor also provides additional Artisan Curio for specific professions, which can be utilized to craft particular items that summon rare creatures unique to those professions.

Other recipes:

Step 2: Getting the Crystal Fork

It appears that the Tuning Fork has a low chance of dropping randomly in The Forbidden Reach.

The item can be obtained by anyone at the moment, regardless if they have Jewelcrafting or not.

Step 3: Crafting The Crystal Tuning Fork

Once you obtain a Tuning Fork you will be able to craft a Crystal Tuning Fork if you bought the Design: Crystal Tuning Fork and have Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting at level 50.

To craft it, make your way to Valdrakken and find the Jeweler's Bench.

Jeweler's Bench map imageJeweler's Bench zone image
/way Valdrakken 39.66 64.00 Jeweler's Bench

If you happen to come across the Tuning Fork, but don't have Jewelcrafting, you can place a crafting order for it.

It appears that the Crystal Tuning Fork is currently not soulbound, allowing it to be sold on the auction house for profit.

Step 4: Where to Summon Amephyst

After creating the Crystal Tuning Fork, you can summon Amephyst in The Forbidden Reach.

To summon Amephyst, locate a Resonant Crystal that can be found in a cave:

Resonant Crystal Location 1

Resonant Crystal location map imageResonant Crystal location zone image
/way The Forbidden Reach:2151 30.93 60.84 Cave Entrance
/way The Forbidden Reach:2151 28.90 57.13 Resonant Crystal

Final Thoughts

I personally find it pretty cool how Blizzard made it that players have to follow a specific set of steps to summon rare creatures. As of now, the other profession-specific rares in The Forbidden Reach don't seem to offer anything as valuable as the unstable elementium.

Jewelcrafters are likely going to make a ton of gold since there will be high demand from players seeking to upgrade their Onyx Annulet to an item level of 424.