Outlaw Rogue

Patch 8.3

Last Updated: 12th Jan, 2020

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Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Quick DrawPassive
Ghostly StrikeInstant

Weaponmaster: makes your sinister strike have a chance of hitting an extra time.

Quick Draw: is the best talent choice in the row as it buffs your pistol shots and helps with building up combo points.

Ghostly Strike: is a single target talent that makes the mob take an extra 10% damage from all of your attacks.

Tier 2 (30)

Acrobatic StrikesPassive
Retractable HookPassive
Hit and RunPassive

Acrobatic Strikes: is one of the best talents in the game as it allows you to stay at max range of mobs whilst also increasing the range of your blade flurry. The extra 3 yards of melee range can help you dodge attacks such as the whirlwind of the of the Ogre boss in Freehold while dpsing from "range".

Retractable Hook: reduces the CD of your grappling hook to half. It's not necessarily a bad talent, as it can certainly be of use in some encounters where you need the movement utility more frequently. Unfortunately, the fact that it's in the same row as Acrobatic Strikes means you'll almost never pick it.

Hit and Run: increases your movement speed by 15. It's not a particularly useful talent considering your other options in the row.

Tier 3 (45)

Deeper StratagemPassive
Marked for DeathInstant

Vigor: increases your maximum energy by 50 and your energy regeneration by 10%. It's the most common choice of the row considering the pace of the spec; the extra 50 energy helps you not hit the energy cap.

Deeper Stratagem: is a good second choice in this row. It's particularly good on single target encounters with Ace up your Sleeve.

Marked for Death: used to be a staple of the spec back in Legion, but given the other two talents choices in the row, it's currently never played.

Tier 4 (60)

Iron StomachPassive
Cheat DeathPassive

Iron Stomach: increases the healing you receive from your Crimson Vial, healing potions and hearthstones. In a similar vein to Leeching Poison, it's not a talent that sees much use currently.

Cheat Death: should be your go to talent choice in the row as it allows for more risky play.

Elusiveness: is situationally good for certain encounters where you need extra reduced damage while soaking, but it isn't currently used anywhere in BoD.

Tier 5 (75)

Dirty TricksPassive
Blinding PowderPassive
Prey on the WeakPassive

Dirty Tricks: Removes the energy cost of some of your crowd control abilities.

Blinding Powder: Cooldown reduced and range increased for your Blind ability.

Prey on the Weak: is a talent that should only be used if you need to burst an add down. I can't imagine it being a choice for M+, but it's been used in raids in the past.

Tier 6 (90)

Loaded DicePassive
Slice and DiceInstant

Loaded Dice: helps with the RNG element of Roll the Bones by providing you with 2 buffs after activating Adrenaline Rush. Tier 5 is a simple numbers row and currently Loaded Dice just isn't good enough to compete with Alacrity.

Alacrity: is your go to talent of the row, being reduced from 20 stacks that it used to be in legion down to 2, Alacrity increases your haste by 2% per stack.

Slice and Dice: removes the random RNG element of Roll the Bones by giving you a flat attack speed buff of 50% and a buff to your energy regeneration by 15%. It's not currently competitive with either of the other talents of the row.

Tier 7 (100)

Dancing SteelPassive
Blade RushInstant
Killing SpreeInstant

Dancing Steel: increases the duration of your blade flurry by 3 seconds and it's damage by 5%. It's currently the best talent choice for M+ with the constant cleave.

Blade Rush: is the talent you will mostly be using in raids as it sims the highest on single target.

Killing Spree: helps with burst AoE in certain situations and would see most use in raid fights such as Opulence or MOTHER.