Outlaw Rogue talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 2nd May, 2023
Guy Outlaw Rogue Author

Class Talents

Overall the base rogue tree has some interesting choices to make all throughout the tree that has synergy with the spec tree as well. The 2 most important talents in the tree are Cheat Death and Deeper Strategem, other than these two it’s pretty much open season when it comes to pathing and other powerful traits near the bottom of the tree as they tend to be build specific where they gain and lose power. 

Cheat Death is just an insane passive in general, it makes you basically immune to stupid deaths during progression raid encounters ensuring you never need to get battle resed in encounters. 

Deeper Strategem is just a generically good dps talent that basically every Outlaw build wants to grab. 5% finisher damage and 7 total combo points when combined with the spec talent as well is just too strong for any build to pass up. Other standout talents include Atrophic / Numbing as a pretty decent raid utility, and stuff like Shadowstep might be crucial for some raid encounters where a blink is better than a leap.

Talent Builds

With the changes to the talent tree and making it so Cheat Death doesn’t cost us a talent point to take, this means that Outlaw Rogues can gain a small amount of DPS by picking up Cold Blood. Thankfully Cold Blood does not need to be keybound but can instead be Macro’d to your rotation.

I suggest adding this Macro to both your stealth bar and your default bar to gain the benefits of the talent without having to think about it.

#showtooltip Dispatch
/cast Cold Blood
/cast Dispatch

Build 1 - Raiding (Single Target)


This talent tree is specifically optimized for Single Target.

The key talents for this build are Audacity, Fan the Hammer, Hidden Opportunity, and Shadow Dance.

Build 2 - Raiding (Cleave)


This is generally the build you will play in most raid encounters, especially on Mythic. This raid is extremely cleave heavy overall so we grabs the key AoE Talents in Ambidexterity, Precise Cuts and Dancing Steel over some of the less powerful talents we have. Some utility here is also flexible, you can drop talents such as Acrobatic Strikes, Atrophic Poison, and even Evasion to pick up other things like Tricks of the Trade, Gouge, Shadowstep or Master Poisoner.

Build 3 - Mythic+


This is similar to the raid build above except I suggest picking up Tricks of the Trade at all times as misdirects are incredibly useful in dungeons to help the entire group out. In addition this season has a lot of mechanics you can cheese with Evasion so I’d suggest that over Gouge, even if it is super useful. Again these are all utility choices so feel free to experiment!