Outlaw Rogue playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2022
Guy Outlaw Rogue Author

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

Outlaw doesn't have a set rotation but follows a basic priority list for generators and finishers.

A good rule of thumb is to use your cooldowns when they are available. Due to Restless Blades and varying cooldown lengths on some abilities, it's punishing to attempt to sync cooldowns for added benefit like most classes do. The only exceptions to this rule are when fight mechanics force you into downtime, meaning your wasting your cooldown, or for syncing together Flagellation and Dreadblades.

Another general rule is that you don't want to over-cap on combo points. This means if you are at 4 out of 5 combo points, using Ambush would be a mistake because it would generate 2 combo points, but you would only gain 1. Make sure to pay attention to this so you don't lose damage.

The priority list is as follows:

  1. Cast Roll the Bones if you don’t have the desired buffs. (See Below for Explanation)
  2. Cast Adrenaline Rush on cooldown
  3. Cast Blade Rush at below 75~ energy
  4. Cast Slice and Dice at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  5. Cast Between the Eyes at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  6. Cast Dispatch at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  7. Cast Pistol Shot with a Concealed Blunderbuss proc at, or below 3 combo points
  8. Cast Marked for Death at 0-1 combo points
  9. Cast Ghostly Strikes
  10. Use Vanish so you can Ambush for Count the Odds procs
  11. Cast Pistol Shot if you have an opportunity proc and are -1 from max combo points. Also, use it at below 75~ energy at any combo points
  12. Cast Shiv at -1 from max combo points AND are below 75~ energy
  13. Cast Sinister Strike

Keep in mind the shiv DPS gain is around 20 DPS, but the soothe aspect of shiv is way more valuable. Ignore shiv in the rotation if you need a soothe.


  1. Be in Stealth
  2. Cast Marked for Death at 12 seconds on pull timer
  3. Cast Roll the Bones at 2 seconds on pull timer
  4. Cast Slice and Dice at 1 second on pull timer
  5. Cast Ambush
  6. Cast Adrenaline Rush


  1. Cast Blade Flurry if there are 2+ targets in range
  2. Cast Roll the Bones if you don’t have the desired buffs. (See Below for Explanation)
  3. Cast Adrenaline Rush on cooldown
  4. Cast Blade Rush on cooldown
  5. Cast Slice and Dice at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  6. Cast Between the Eyes at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  7. Cast Dispatch at max combo points, or -1 from max if Broadsides is your currently active RTB buff
  8. Cast Marked for Death at 0-1 combo points, try to target the mob expected to die first.
  9. Cast Ghostly Strikes
  10. Use Vanish so you can Ambush for Count the Odds procs
  11. Cast Pistol Shot if you have an opportunity proc and are -1 from max combo points. Also, use it at below 45~ energy at any combo points
  12. Cast Shiv at -1 from max combo points AND are if you are below 75~ energy
  13. Cast Sinister Strike



You want to use Echoing Repirmand on cooldown.

Use either Between the Eyes or Dispatch for the anima charged combo point. Slice and Dice and Kidney shot does not work for the anima charged combo point it only works on your finishers that do direct damage. In AoE it’s worth waiting to use the ability for up to 20 seconds to make use of Effusive Anima Accelerator


You want to cast Flagellation on cooldown as long as the target would live the max duration of the effect, and also the boss doesn’t have any incoming damage amp phases in the next 30 seconds.

Make sure you are at maximum combo points before casting Flagellation.


Use Serrated Bone Spike on cooldown to targets without a bleed. If the target does have a bleed make sure to ONLY use Serrated Bone Spike when you are:

  1. -2 from max combo points, or -3 with broadsides active
  2. Skull and Crossbones is not active
  3. You are below 70~ energy

In AoE you want to avoid over-capping, while applying it to all targets in range.

Night Fae

Use Sepsis on cooldown.


Roll The Bones:

Roll the Bones is a 45-second cooldown, and it's reduced by Restless Blades that grants you a buff from a pool of 6.

  • You have an 80% chance of having 1 buff active
  • You have a 19% chance of having 2 buffs active
  • You have a 1% chance of having 5 buffs active

The Sleight of Hand conduit decreases the chance of 1 buff and increases the chance of 2 buffs with no change to the 5 buff chance.

The 6 Buffs

  1. Broadside increases the damage of your combo point generators by 20% and generates 1 additional combo point
  2. Buried Treasure generates 4 energy per second
  3. Grand Melee makes your finishing moves give 2 seconds of Slice and Dice and gives you 15% leech
  4. Ruthless Precision increases crit chance of Between the Eyes by 60%, and all other abilities by 20%
  5. Skull and Crossbones causes your Sinister Strike a 60% chance to hit twice
  6. True Bearing increases Restless Blades to 2 seconds per combo point

The buffs you are looking for depend on which legendary you end up using.

With Concealed Blunderbuss, you should look for Skull and Crossbones, and Broadsides.

With any other legendary you are looking for True Bearing and Broadsides.

The general power level of buffs is Broadside > True Bearing > Ruthless Precision > Skull and Crossbones > Buried Treasure > Grand Melee.

Cooldown Usage:

Due to Restless Blades, one of the biggest mistakes people make that are new to the spec is holding cooldowns to sync together. Outlaw cooldowns have low impact, with high uptime so make sure that you get the most out of Adrenaline Rush and Between the Eyes is a big factor for success.

Energy Usage:

Out of the 3 rogue specs, outlaw has the highest energy generation, which means you have some room to be energy inefficient and still do good damage.

Here is an example. If you are talented in Ghostly Strike, your Sinister Strike will be a better generator than the Opportunity procs, even though they are more energy-efficient. This means at very high energy income areas such as on pull with Adrenaline Rush and Bloodlust active; you can ignore Opportunity procs in favor of using Sinister Strike as a generator since it deals more damage.

These rules can be pretty complicated for somebody new to the spec. So, if you are new to an outlaw rogue, you can ignore all of the energy rules listed in the rotation because they are more or less a 100-120~ DPS gain, and the basic fundamentals are worth much more.


Outlaw has access to many really strong utilities, which are more relevant in Mythic Plus dungeons than in raiding.

Gouge is an incredible ability acting as a second kick on a 15-second cooldown. However, it's complicated to understand how it works on some mobs. For example, the Forsworn Mender in Spires of Ascension will re-cast their Forsworn Doctrine if you use Gouge on the cast, but if you use it while the mob is channeling the ability, he won't re-cast it. It's impossible to list every single interaction, so you want to experiment with it and find out where and when it's best to use. 

Shroud of Concealment is also incredible for finding optimal key routes.

Kidney Shot is a low cooldown stun that costs combo points to use. Similar to Gouge, this just gives outlaw rogues an insane amount of control in mythic+ keys because you will be able to control entire pack casts by themselves with enough practice.

Tricks of the Trade is super helpful because it helps the tanks generate more threat when other classes like Windwalkers or Fire Mages use big cooldowns.


Outlaw has 4 Poisons to pick from, and you can have 2 active poisons at a time, 1 Lethal and 1 Non-Lethal.


Instant Poison is what you always want active because it’s free damage.

Wound Poison is a PvP poison, and you lose out on a lot of damage if you decide to use it. Even on Sanguine weeks, I would avoid using this poison.


Crippling Poison is a very strong slow, and I would suggest using this on certain affix weeks such as Raging or Necrotic to help out your tank kite if you already don’t have a strong slow in the group, such as a Blood DK or a Frost Mage.

Numbing Poison is the default poison pick. Being able to lower the damage and cast speed of trash mobs and bosses is very helpful even if you use Crippling Poison because Numbing Poison works on bosses, so make sure to swap to it for boss encounters.


Outlaw has access to many procs such as OpportunityCount the OddsCelerity procs, and Marked for Death resets. It’s one of the highest APM specs in the game that also requires you to react fast if you want to do the max damage possible. All of this takes practice so, don’t expect to pick up the spec and do well right away.

The 2 set bonus is also another addition to the very high APM, very reactive playstyle of the spec.