Outlaw Rogue gearing guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 2nd May, 2023
Guy Outlaw Rogue Author


Onyx Annulet

Outlaw Rogue has one of the strongest benefits of the Onyx Annulet in the game. This ring beats out every ring in the game quite easily and it’s incredibly easy to acquire at least 1 full ring in 1-2 hours. Due to the gems being slightly different and unsocketing the gems requires you to fly all the way to the new zone, I would suggest making 2 separate rings and leveling a total of 6 gems to max. This will require 130 Dormant Primordial Fragment minimum to get 2 rings for ST and AoE.

For Single Target use: Desirous Blood Stone, Prophetic Twilight Stone, & Freezing Ice Stone.

For 2 or more targets: Desirous Blood Stone, Prophetic Twilight Stone, & Storm Infused Stone.

Tier Sets

The Outlaw Rogue tier set is simple yet effective. 

The two set cause 5% of your damage to be dealt as a damage over time for 8 seconds. 

The four set makes it so your Between The Eyes consumes the remaining duration of the two set and deal 200% of the remaining damage instantly. In addition it grants 5% agility for 15 seconds.


Overall, this season has a lot of very powerful trinkets. 

From the raid, we have the Beacon to the Beyond and the Dragonfire Bomb Dispenser. Both of which are simple to use on use trinkets. Just make sure to have Between the Eyes and Ghostly Strikes if talented on the target before firing these trinkets off. 

If you can get your hands on a Screaming Black Dragonscale it’s also very strong, just hard to get due to it being a very rare item.

Frenzying Signoll Flare is a great dungeon trinket. Most other dungeon trinkets aren’t worth mentioning but can still be good just because item level is so strong.