Havoc Demon Hunter gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 26th Jan, 2023
Faithy Havoc Demon Hunter Author


Tier Set

  • 2 piece: Chaos Strike and Blade Dance chance to Critically strike increased by 5% and their critical strike damage is increased by 10%.
  • 4 piece: Chaos Strike and Blade Dance have a 20% chance to Increase damage you deal by 8% for 6 sec. Chaos Strike and Blade Dance critical strikes increase this chance to 40%.

Why it’s important to Sim yourself:

There are a lot of variables when it comes to gear in World of Warcraft and it makes it almost impossible to tell you exactly what the best combination of gear pieces is, which is why I will always recommend running a simulation of your own character. This can easily be done with https://www.raidbots.com/simbot. If you wanna maximize your characters potential it is essential that you learn to Sim yourself to take all your variables into account.


If you quickly want to figure out where you could acquire upgrades with your current gear make sure to make good use of Droptimizer: raidbots.com/simbot/droptimizer.

This feature will allow you to check which dungeons or raids will provide the best possible upgrade for you.


Manic Grieftorch:

Maniac Grieftorch drops from Broodkeeper Diurna in Vault of the Incarnates. It’s a 2-minute CD on-use trinket dealing a significantly high amount of damage; additionally, it has a chance to cleave, and whenever an ally dies in close proximity, the cooldown will be reduced by 90 seconds.

Whispering Incarnate Icon:

Whispering Incarnate Icon drops from Primal Council in Vault of Incarnates. It’s a simple stat stick trinket granting Crit and gives a chance to increase your vers and haste if a Healer and/or tank is in your group with it equipped. Even without its full effect, it’s pretty powerful, and I recommend simming it.

Storm-Eater’s Boon:

Storm-Eater’s Boon drops from Dathea, Ascended in Vault of Incarnates. It’s a 3-minute CD on-use trinket dealing massive, ramping AoE damage. However, the downside of the trinket is that it roots you in place for 10 seconds, which can be deadly in many situations, so make sure you know when and where you can utilize it.

Windscar Whetstone:

Windscar Whetstone drops from Advisor Malandrus in Court of Stars. It’s a 2-minute CD on-use trinket dealing a solid amount of cleave/AoE damage, and the single target damage is also good. The baseline mastery on the trinket is also an excellent addition for AoE, making it very well-rounded for most scenarios.

Algeth’ar Puzzle Box:

Algeth’ar Puzzle Box drops from Echo of Doragosa in Algeth’ar Academy. It’s a 3-minute CD on-use trinket granting a massive amount of Mastery, making it an excellent Mythic + trinket with it perfectly lining up with Metamorphosis.

Hunger of the Pack:

Hunger of the Pack drops from Fenryr in Halls of Valor. It’s a simple Crit stat stick, a very desired stat for Havoc, making it a well-rounded passive trinket.

Decoration of Flame:

Decoration of Flame drops from Eranog in Vault of Incarnates. It’s a 2-minute CD on-use trinket dealing a decent amount of AoE damage; however, one of its biggest values is the massive shield it provides, making it a good mixture of damage and defensive, which could be useful in some situations.