Havoc Demon Hunter

Patch 9.0

Written by Termaex Last Updated: 5th Jan, 2021

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Playstyle & Rotation

Generally speaking, Havoc Demonhunter don't have a rotation and rather have a priority list.

Priority List

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Glaive Tempest (if talented)
  3. Vengeful Retreat (if you play Momentum)
  4. Fel Rush (if you play Momentum)
  5. Essence Break (if talented)
  6. Death Sweep
  7. Eye Beam
  8. Fel Barrage (if talented)
  9. Blade Dance
  10. Immolation Aura
  11. Annihilation or Chaos Strike
  12. Felblade (if talented)
  13. Demon’s Bite

Opener on single target:

When using Momentum with Chaos Theory:

    1. Pre potion at -2 seconds
    2. Felblade
    3. Glaive Tempest
    4. Vengeful Retreat
    5. Fel Rush
    6. Blade Dance
    7. Eye Beam
    8. Death Sweep
    9. Annihilation
    10. Annihilation
    11. Metamorphosis
    12. Death Sweep
    13. Eye Beam
    14. Continue with the priority list

    When using Demonic with Chaos Theory:

      1. Pre potion at -2 seconds
      2. Felblade
      3. Glaive Tempest
      4. Blade Dance
      5. Eye Beam
      6. Death Sweep
      7. Annihilation
      8. Annihilation
      9. Metamorphosis
      10. Death Sweep
      11. Eye Beam
      12. Continue with the priority list

      Opener on multi target:

      When using Demonic with Collective Anguish:

        1. Pre Potion at -2 seconds
        2. Demon’s Bite
        3. Eye Beam
        4. Glaive Tempest
        5. Annihilation
        6. Annihilation
        7. Metamorphosis
        8. Eye Beam
        9. Continue with the priority list


        Offensive Cooldowns:

        Generally speaking, you want to use Metamorphosis on cooldown, but know that sometimes you need to adjust your timings on a boss in order to get more value of Metamorphosis. That means either using your first one late, or delaying your second by an amount of time.

        Defensive Cooldowns:

        Even if Havoc's defensive cooldown kit has been nerfed from BFA to Shadowlands, it is still one of the best for meeles. Blur is a 20% damage reduction which has a 50% dodge chance and you have the possibility of playing with a damage immunity or to increase your leech by a decent margin. And don’t forget your Darkness, which even though it has the RNG of damage immunity, it can always save the raid and yourself. Utilizing those to the best extent during an encounter can sometimes make a significant difference.

        Things to be aware of: