Havoc Demon Hunter playstyle and rotation guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 26th Apr, 2022
Cruelladk Havoc Demon Hunter Author

Playstyle & Rotation

Generally speaking, Havoc Demonhunter don't have a rotation and rather have a priority list.

Priority List

    1. Metamorphosis
    2. Glaive Tempest (if talented)
    3. Fel Rush (if Unbound Chaos talented)
    4. Vengeful Retreat (if you play Momentum)
    5. Fel Rush (if you play Momentum)
    6. Essence Break (if talented)
    7. Death Sweep
    8. Eye Beam
    9. Fel Barrage (if talented)
    10. Blade Dance
    11. Immolation Aura
    12. Annihilation or Chaos Strike
    13. Felblade (if talented)
    14. Demon's Bite

    With the Venthyr Raid build when playing with Collective Anguish, you never use Death Sweep or Blade Dance. When playing with Chaos Theory you are using both outside of the Chaotic Blades windows.

    Opener on single target:

    When playing Felblade and First Blood (M+ build)

    1. Pre potion at -2 seconds
    2. Felblade
    3. Sinful Brand (if you are playing Venthyr)
    4. Eye Beam
    5. Death Sweep
    6. Metamorphosis
    7. Death Sweep
    8. Eye Beam
    9. Continue with the priority list

    With this M+ build, you will have to delay your Eye Beam by 2 seconds to wait for your Sinful Brand. Press Death Sweep and Blade Dance on CD but not when you are about to use Eye Beam while not being under Metamorphosis.

    When playing Cycle of Hatred (Raid build)

    1. Pre potion at -2 seconds
    2. Immolation Aura at -2 seconds
    3. Fel Rush
    4. Demon's Bite
    5. Sinful Brand (if you are playing Venthyr)
    6. Eye Beam
    7. Annihilation
    8. Annihilation
    9. Metamorphosis
    10. Eye Beam
    11. Continue with the priority list


    Offensive Cooldowns:

    Generally speaking, you want to use Metamorphosis on cooldown, but know that sometimes you need to adjust your timings on a boss in order to get more value of Metamorphosis. That means either using your first one late, or delaying your second by an amount of time.

    Defensive Cooldowns:

    Even if Havoc's defensive cooldown kit has been nerfed from BFA to Shadowlands, it is still one of the best for meeles. Blur is a 20% damage reduction which has a 50% dodge chance and you have the possibility of playing with a damage immunity or to increase your leech by a decent margin. And don’t forget your Darkness, which even though it has the RNG of damage immunity, it can always save the raid and yourself. Utilizing those to the best extent during an encounter can sometimes make a significant difference.

    Things to be aware of:

    • If you are playing with Momentum, you should use Vengeful Retreat on cooldown as it enables most of your fury regeneration.
    • When playing First Blood, you need to use Blade Dance and Death Sweep on cooldown. Otherwise picking First Blood won't be worth it because you miss out on too much damage. Do not use Blade Dance a few seconds before casting Eye Beam; otherwise, it won’t be ready just after the Eye Beam, and you won’t be able to use Death Sweep 2 times before the end of your Demon Form. After your second Death Sweep, you’ll have a little window to press the last Annihilation before Demon Form fades.
    • Metamorphosis is a spell immunity. Not a long spell immunity like Rogues Cloak of Shadows or Paladins Divine Shield but whenever you use your Metamorphosis as a Havoc DH, the jump animation itself is a 0.5 second spell immunity. So if there is a possibility of ignoring damage or a mechanic while not losing out on the damage you do during Metamorphosis, use it as spell immunity.