Havoc Demon Hunter

Patch 8.3

Written by Miniaug Last Updated: 27th Feb, 2020


Miniaug Havoc Demon Hunter UI

Miniaug Havoc Demon Hunter UI

For your interface the important addons you will want are Weakauras, Plater, and BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods

Weakauras are highly customizable and will let you import other weakauras that people have made. These can vary from reminders and debuff tracking on bosses, to simple things like your class abilities. Check out https://wago.io/ to see what people have for you to download.

Plater is a highly customizable nameplate addon that allows you to do pretty much anything you want with your nameplates. With being able to import mods and scripts that allow you to change pretty much everything about the addon, the options are limitless. It can be quite daunting when you first open up the options for it though, so if you aren’t that great with addons, head over to https://wago.io/plater where you can find other people’s profiles to download. 

BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods allow you to see what will happen soon in the encounter. You can prepare your cooldowns and get ready for what is about to happen next in the fight.


Below are some useful Macros for Demon Hunter.

Netherwalk Cancel Macro

You aren’t able to use abilities while in Netherwalk so it can be useful to cancel it early sometimes.

/cancelaura Netherwalk

Felblade & Demon's Bite Macro

Because you almost never play Felblade and Demon’s Bite together, you can put them on the same keybind.

/cast [talent:1/3]Felblade; Demon's Bite

Metamorphosis at player macro

Metamorphosis is interesting because it can be cast at a location but you don’t always want to do that. If you want to stay in place and use Metamorphosis this macro will do that for you. This macro is extremely useful on Carapace because the platform can be buggy and not let you use Metamorphosis except at certain locations, @player bypasses that.

/cast [@player] Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis at cursor macro

This is useful if you want to eliminate the extra click between pressing Metamorphosis and it actually going off.

/cast [@cursor] Metamorphosis


Having good weakauras (and a well setup UI) is quite important for maximum performance. If you aren’t seeing all of your information efficiently, it just isn’t good. The best way to do this is with weakauras. 

https://wago.io/weakauras/classes/demon-hunter has a ton of great weakauras that will help you out with this. Be sure to check it out and take what you want, you can always customize them after taking them or just make them yourself how you want.