Havoc Demon Hunter Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.5 Last Updated: 19th Jan, 2024
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In the end, it is always up to you on how you want to design your Interface. Some people like to play with the standard WoW UI, others like to have their action bars hidden and have weak auras in the middle of their screen. As I said, you as a player need to feel comfortable with your UI.

General recommendations I always give in regards to building a UI are:

  • Have your player and target frame somewhere in the middle of your screen; the same goes for resource bars and boss mods. 
  • The damage meter can go somewhere in the corner or side of the screen and should be made small. Otherwise, that can distract you too much.

The most helpful addons are WeakAuras, Plater, Details and BigWigs/DeadlyBossMods. All of those are highly customizable and will help you a lot.


Netherwalk cancel macro

Macro to cancel Netherwalk.

/cancelaura Netherwalk

Sigil of Flame cursor Macro

A Macro that Casts Sigil of Flame @ your cursor.

/cast [@cursor] Sigil of Flame

Eye Beam cancel macro

Macro to cancel Eye Beam. Situational if you have to dodge a mechanic and can’t finish the cast.

/cast Eye Beam

The Hunt cancel macro

Macro to cancel The Hunt. Mostly useful for PVP situations.

/cast The Hunt

Metamorphosis player macro

A Macro that casts Metamorphosis where you’re standing.

/cast [@player] Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis cursor macro

A Macro that Casts Metamorphosis @ your cursor.

/cast [@cursor] Metamorphosis

Throw Glaive mouseover macro

A mouseover macro usable to pull targets from afar.

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Throw Glaive


I would recommend playing with Weakauras as it's a super powerful Addon which allows you to track basically anything in the game.

You can find a weakaura package that fits you at wago.io or you can create your own package. You can also ask your streamer of choice to see if their Weakauras are available to the public.