Havoc Demon Hunter Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Talent Builds

Inertia Raid Talent Build


This build combines A Fire Inside and Inertia which has super good synergy. The Inertia build benefits a lot as soon as any adds or multi-targets are introduced without losing any Single Target / Priority damage. And it doesn’t add the punishing playstyle of having to work around Momentum. In high AoE situations if you prefer more AoE throughput with a small loss to single target it can be recommended to swap Furious Gaze to Ragefire.

Momentum Pure Single Target


In theory the Momentum builds offer the most pure single target damage throughput possible with a high uptime on Metamorphosis extension through the help of Cycle of Hatred and Shattered Destiny. This build falls considerably behind as soon as any cleave or AoE is introduced to a fight making this build mostly not considered as the “main” raid build for Havoc.

Essence Break M+ Build


Fel Barrage and Glaive Tempest are also viable choices over Essence Break for either talents in preference, however the reason Essence Break pulls ahead despite offering slightly less AOE damage is the significant amount of Single target and priority damage it provides.