Havoc Demon Hunter Talents Guide

Patch 10.1.7 Last Updated: 7th Sep, 2023
Faithy Havoc Demon Hunter Author

Class Talents

In Depth on the Demon Hunter talent Choices:

  • Green: Strong - often played.
  • Yellow: Played depending on the situation.
  • Red: Rarely played

Section 1 - Talent rows 1-4:

havoc dh class talent section 1

Row 1

Vengeful Retreat: A mandatory Talent when picking Havoc Demon Hunter, and rightfully so as multiple of your specialization abilities synergizes with it.

Blazing Path: Increases the charges of your Fel Rush by an additional 1. A strong talent in terms of Damage and movement and should always be picked.

Sigil of Flame: This talent does an insignificant amount of damage however the fact it provides Fury makes it a powerful pick in the early row for Havoc. This ability is good to use before a pull is engaged or when you’re out of range from your target, when not used as a Fury regenerator.

Row 2

Unrestrained Fury: A wonderful choice for Havoc which allows you to have an additional 10-20 Fury which makes it harder for you to Fury cap and get additional abilities used in cooldowns.

Imprison: Imprison is a strong CC which incapacitates your target for 1 minute. This ability only works on demons, beasts or humanoids. Bosses aren't affected by the effect of Imprison and if no spawned add is either this talent could be neglected if you don’t want to gain the Bouncing Glaive talent it's linked with.

Shattered Restoration: Shattered Restoration increases your shattered soul healing by 5-10%. Not the strongest talent choice but it does have synergy with Demonic Appetite, however with the many self healing talents havoc is provided this option is on the weaker side.

Row 3

Vengeful Bonds: Vengeful Bonds reduces the movement speed by 70% of all nearby enemies after being hit by Vengeful Retreat for 3 seconds. This talent doesn’t have much use as you’re provided another stronger slow option later which is Master of the Glaive.

Improved Disrupt: Increases the range of your Disrupt to 15 yards, which often is very valuable especially with the high movement class Demon Hunter which makes you able to quickly interrupt a nearby target.

Bouncing Glaives: Makes Throw Glaive ricochet to 1 additional target. This talent is very powerful combined with the Throw Glaive build Havoc can play for AoE/Cleave. It can also be useful without the Throw Glaive build for situations where you’re out of range from your target during AoE situations.

Consume Magic: Removes 1 Magic effect from your target. This talent can be useful in some raid scenarios or in Mythic + where some enemies buff themselves with a powerful Magic effect.

Flames of Fury: Sigil of Flame generates an additional 2 Fury per target hit. Not a very powerful talent considering how many additional targets you would have to hit for it to generate a significant amount of Fury.

Row 4

Pursuit: Mastery now increases your movement speed. Movement speed is a very powerful utility and can save you in more situations you think making Pursuit a strong talent. It’s also important to progress further into the tree.

Disrupting Fury: Whenever your Disrupt is successful you generate 30 Fury. Fury regeneration is always welcome and in alot of situations will there be times where you can interrupt a target, in both raiding and Mythic+. However if there is no situation where interrupt is worth it the talent can be neglected.

Felblade / Aura of Pain:

  • Felblade: A strong Fury generator for Havoc and synergizes super well with Demon Blades making it a super strong pick for Single target and even AoE situations.
  • Aura of Pain: Increase the critical strike chance of Immolation Aura by 6%. Immolation Aura does a high amount of your damage in AoE situations and having a 6% critical chance is quite the benefit making this talent desirable in AoE situations if you're picked into Immolation Aura damage.

Swallowed Anger: When Consume Magic is successful you gain 20 Fury. More often than not it will not be a strong pick. However if you’re in a situation where you’re playing Consume Magic and you’re using the ability a significant amount this talent does have potential.

Charred Warblades: You heal for 5% of all Fire damage you deal. Charred Warblades is a strong heal when considering the amounts of fire damage you deal as Havoc and can often be a strong pick for survivability.

Section 2 - Talent rows 5-7

havoc dh class talent section 2

Row 5

Felfire Haste: Fel rush increases your movement speed by 10% for 8 seconds. With the amounts of Fel rushes casted by Demon Hunter the uptime of Felfire Haste will be very high especially if playing Momentum. The 10% movement is always useful and being fast can save you more often than not.

Master of the Glaive: Throw Glaive gains an additional charge and enemies hit by Throw Glaive are slowed by 50% for 6 seconds. A strong slow and an important pick if you’re playing the Throw Glaive build for its additional charge.

Rush of Chaos: Reduces the Cooldown of Metamorphosis by 60 seconds. Super strong talent and I would always recommend picking it.

Concentrated Sigils / Precise Sigils:

  • Concentrated Sigils: All sigils are now placed at your location and last 2 seconds longer. Not a very strong talent for Havoc and doesn’t have a lot of usage.
  • Precise Sigils: All sigils are now placed at your target's location and last 2 seconds longer. Not a very strong talent for Havoc neither nor does it have a lot of usage.

Lost in Darkness: Spectral Sight lasts an additional 6 seconds if disrupted. A very weak talent in PvE and even PvP situations as Spectral Sight has a very rare value and even if used it has to be disrupted for the talent to activate.

Row 6

Chaos Nova: An AoE stun with a 1 minute Cooldown for the cost of 30 Fury. Quite the powerful CC however if in a situation where nothing is stunable this could be neglected.

Soul Rending: Increase your Leech by 5-10% and an additional 5-10% in Metamorphosis. A super strong talent and is the main reason for Demon Hunters infamous survivability. A very strong pick and should rarely be neglected.

Infernal Armor: Increases your armor by 10-20% and causes a low amount of fire damage from melee hits. The armor can be very nice when Physical damage abilities are involved and can have quite the value.

Sigil of Misery: Places a sigil that makes all enemies hit by it cover in fear for 20 seconds. Another strong CC ability which can be useful in niche situations if a fear is needed, or if timed correctly used to interrupt a cast from a mob.

Row 7

Chaos Fragments / Unleashed Power:

  • Chaos Fragments: Each enemy stunned by Chaos Nova has a 30% chance to spawn a Lesser Soul Fragment. This can be quite powerful combined with Demonic appetite and could replenish your Fury completely when used in AoE combat.
  • Unleashed Power: Reduces the Fury cost of Chaos nova by 50% and reduces its cooldown by 20%. Another pick which can have a strong value if you’re in need of additional Chaos Nova casts such as in Mythic + dungeons if there’s no other stun in your group.

Illidari Knowledge: Reduces magic damage taken by 3-6%. A flat DR to magic damage is always super strong.

Demonic / First of the Illidari:

  • Demonic: Eye Beam causes you to enter Metamorphosis for 6 seconds. A very powerful talent as our main abilities gets an immense damage increase whilst being in Meta. Also synergizes very well with Essence Break and Cycle of Hatred.
  • First of the Illidari: Metamorphosis grants you an additional 10% Versatility and is reduced by 60 seconds. A talent which is gonna have a strong niche in burst windows and if you want to have Metamorphosis available every 2 minutes instead of 3.

Will of the Illidari: Increases your maximum HP by 3-6%. A flat HP increase is never bad and if you have extra points to spare this is not a bad pick.

Improved Sigil of Misery / Misery in Defeat:

  • Improved Sigil of Misery: Reduces the Cooldown of Sigil of Misery by 30 seconds. Could be situationally useful if there’s ever a need for you to have fear available more often.
  • Misery in Defeat: You deal 20% increased damage to enemies for 5 seconds after Sigil of Misery's effect has ended on the target. A pretty powerful talent for situations where Sigil of Misery can be used. A very strong pick for Mythic + situations.

Section 3 - Talent rows 8-10

havoc dh class talent section 3

Row 8

Internal Struggle: Increases Mastery by 3.6%. A free damage increase and especially strong if you’re playing Any Means Necessary.

Darkness: Summons Darkness below you for 8 seconds, whilst standing in Darkness you have a 20% chance to avoid all damage from an attack. A strong raid cooldown that if used correctly can have a massive effect on your raid or party. It’s very strong with consecutive hits as its chances to proc are more likely.

Soul Sigils: Enemies affected by sigils generate a Lesser Soul Fragment. Another talent that has great synergy with Demonic Appetite and could be useful for Fury regeneration depending on your build.

Aldrachi Design: Increases your parry chance by 3%. Not the strongest choice for DPS as most abilities you get hit by cannot be parried.

Row 9

Erratic Felheart: Reduces the Cooldown of Fel Rush by 10-20%. Having Fel rush more often is always good especially when paired with the many Fel Rush talents you can pick, especially Momentum.

Long Night / Pitch Black:

  • Long Night: Increases the duration of Darkness by 3 seconds. Could be a viable pick if the ability you’re trying to mitigate with Darkness lasts longer than the 8 original seconds.
  • Pitch Black: Reduces the Cooldown of Darkness by 120 seconds. A very powerful choice reducing Darkness by 2 seconds meaning you can have more casts throughout an encounter.

The Hunt: Charge to your target dealing damage and leaving a dot on up to 5 targets doing ticking damage. Additionally debuff your main target making 25% of the damage you deal heal yourself for 30 seconds. A very strong damaging ability for both single target and AoE and being able to engage your target from afar can be very beneficial especially when used after a Vengeful Retreat. The added healing is also very powerful making you very tanking during its duration. The Hunt also synergizes with Momentum.

Demon Muzzle: Enemies deals 8% reduced Magic Damage to you for 8 seconds after being afflicted by one of your sigils. Can situationally be quite good if you cast sigils often or are in need of additional DR against magic.

Extended Sigils: Extends the duration of sigils by 2 seconds. Not very powerful and should only be chosen if you want to take the talent it's linked to.

Row 10

Collective Anguish: When you cast Eye Beam summon an allied Demon Hunter who casts Fel Devastation dealing damage and healing you. The damage is Fel Devastation is very high and does a significant amount of your damage on AoE if picked. Also strong on a single target encounter.

Unnatural Malice / Relentless Pursuit:

  • Unnatural Malice: Increases the damage over time effect of The Hunt by 30%. A solid increase to The Hunts strong DoT and is a valuable choice in both single target and AoE due to its damage gain.

  • Relentless Pursuit: The cooldown of The Hunt is reduced by 12 seconds when an enemy is killed whilst the damage over time effect from The Hunt is afflicted. Could be situationally strong but you would need to be in a situation where multiple target(s) will die whilst the 6 second debuff from The Hunt is active.

Quickened Sigils: All sigils activate 1 seconds faster and their cooldown is reduced by 20%. Could have a niche value if you play into a build where you can cast Sigil of Flame often as a Fury generator. However you would have to sacrifice a lot of strong utility talents for this to be possible.

Spec Talents

In Depth on the Havoc talent Choices:

  • Green: Strong - often played.
  • Pink:  Mandatory choices for Glaive / Immo Aura build (can be powerful in other builds).
  • Blue: Mandatory choices for Eye Beam build (can be powerful in other builds).
  • Yellow: Played depending on the situation.
  • Red: Rarely played

Section 1 - Talent rows 1-4

havoc dh spec talent section 1

Row 1

Eye Beam: Channels a cast that last for 2.5 seconds doing damage. Mandatory always taken.

Row 2

Improved Chaos Strike: Chaos Strike/Annihilation Damage increased by 10%. Good damage increases to Chaos Strike and pretty mandatory to progress the Talent tree correctly.

Insatiable Hunger / Demon Blades:

  • Insatiable Hunger: Demon’s Bite damage increases by 50% and generates 5-10 additional fury. Pretty good for Fury generation however its counterpick Demon Blades is significantly stronger currently.
  • Demon Blades: Your auto attack deals additional damage and generates Fury. A very strong talent choice giving you a sustained amount of Fury without wasting Globals on Demon’s Bite. Also synergizes very well with Fel Blade.

Felfire Heart: Increase duration of Immolation Aura and Sigil of Flame by 2 seconds. Another powerful choice that synergizes very well with the large amount of Immolation Aura modifiers available in the tree. However does lose a lot of value if not paired with other modifiers.

Row 3

Demonic Appetite: Chaos Strike has a chance to spawn a Lesser Soul Fragment. Consuming Fragments grants 30 Fury. One of Havocs strongest Fury regeneration talents especially on single target where Chaos Strike is casted frequently. Also has great synergy with loads of talents throughout the tree such as: Soul Sigils, Chaos Fragments and Fodder to the Flame.

Improved Fel Rush: Fel Rush Damage increased by 20%. Strong option in AoE situations and if you’re playing Momentum as the amounts of Fel Rushes you cast are very high. Also has great synergy with: Unbound Chaos, Blazing Path and Erratic Felheart.

First Blood: Blade Dance/Death Sweep deals increased damage to the first target struck. A powerful Single target increase to Blade Dances damage and is always a good pick.

Furious Throws: Throw Glaive now costs 25 Fury and throws a second Glaive at the target. One of the main talents for the Throw Glaive build Havoc can play. Makes Throw Glaive very powerful when synergized with the many talent choices that improves Throw Glaive.

Burning Hatred: Immolation Aura Generates an additional 50 fury over 10 sec. A decent Fury generator for Havoc however it’s not the strongest pick currently for Fury Regeneration but it does have its niche with Immolation Aura modifiers.

Row 4

Critical Chaos: The chance that Chaos Strike refund 20 fury is increased by 25-50% of your critical strike chance. A strong modifier for Chaos Strike that helps us not be drained out of our Fury as quickly.

Mortal Dance: Blade Dance reduces targets’ healing received by 50% for 6 sec. Not a very useful talent in PvE situations unless you’re the only person who can reduce healing received on a mob that heals and can't be stopped. Very niche situational value.

Dancing with Fate: The final slash of Blade Dance deals an additional 40% damage. The final slash of Blade Dance is the hardest hitting one, so having a 40% increased buff on that is super powerful for both single target and AoE and is played in both.

Section 2 - Talent rows 5-7

havoc dh spec talent section 2

Row 5

Initiative: Damaging an enemy before they damage you increases your Critical Strike chance by 12% for 5 sec. Using Vengeful Retreat refreshes the potential to activate the effect on enemies you’re in combat with. Super powerful talent choice giving a significant amount of crit during your opener and every 20 seconds with Vengeful Retreat. Crit is a very powerful stat for Demon Hunter due to Know Your Enemy making this talent a very strong choice.

You can also minmax the abilities by tagging new mobs in AoE Situations if you had not previously hit them with an ability (or they hit you) increasing the uptime.

Desperate Instincts / Netherwalk:

  • Desperate Instincts: Blur now reduces damage taken by an additional 10%. You automatically trigger Blur with 50% reduced CD and duration when you fall below 35% HP. Can only occur when Blur is not on Cooldown. Personally I don't think this is a very powerful talent as it can trigger your Blur when you don’t want it making you unable to have Blur when it really matters. However it’s not a bad pick if you’re not good at using your Defensives.
  • Netherwalk: Slip into the Nether increasing Movement speed by 100% and become immune to damage, but unable to attack. Lasts 6 sec. Netherwalk is a very powerful spell due to it being an immunity, however due to the scarce amount of talent points we can spare in the Havoc tree you should only pick it if you find it necessary.

Chaotic Transformation: When you activate Metamorphosis, the CD of Blade Dance and Eye Beam are immediately reset. This talent opens up for an immensely powerful Burst due to its reset of both Eye Beam and Blade Dance when Meta is activated, allowing for a double Blade Dance in Essence Break which is a very high amount of burst damage. The additional cast of Eye Beam also synergizes well with Eye Beam Modifiers and especially Demonic as your Metamorphosis is increased.

Fel Eruption: Stuns a target for 4 seconds and deals damage. Costs 10 Fury. Havocs single target stun and sadly once more due to the scarce amount of talent points to spare in the Havoc Tree I would often recommend skipping it especially since you already have a stun with Chaos Nova in the Demon Hunter tree.

Trail of Ruin: The Final Slash of Blade dance inflicts damage over 4 sec. A big damage increase to Blade Dance and has great synergy with Blade Dance modifiers such as Essence Break.

Row 6

Unbound Chaos: Activating Immolation Aura increases the Damage of your next Fel Rush by 200-400%. Lasts 12 sec. This talent makes the empowered Fel Rush a very strong and hard hitting ability in both single target and AoE and due to Immolation Aura’s CD being low it’s a frequent buff making Fel Rushes hitting like a truck.

Blind Fury: Eye Beam generates 20-40 Fury every sec. And its duration is increased by 25-50%. Blind Fury makes Eye Beam deal a significantly increased amount of damage and the Fury gain is also very nice not having to pool for Fury before casting Eye Beam.

Looks Can Kill: Eye Beam deals guaranteed Critical Strikes. Guaranteed Critical Strikes is a very strong modifier for Eye Beam when paired with Know Your Enemy and other Eye Beam modifiers making its cast longer and more frequent.

Serrated Glaive: Enemies hit by Throw Glaive take 10-20% increased damage from Eye Beam and Chaos Strike/Annihilation. One of the weaker modifiers for Eye Beam as there is no way currently to create an Eye Beam + Throw Glaive build.

Growing Inferno: Immolation Aura’s damage increases by 5-10% each time it deals damage. One of the core components for the Immolation Aura Build makes your Immolation Aura hitting harder and harder. Has really good synergy with Felfire Heart, Burning Wound, Ragefire and Aura of Pain.

Row 7

Tactical Retreat: Vengeful Retreat CD reduced by 5 sec and generates 80 Fury over 10 sec. This talent gives a great amount of Fury regeneration and it also synergies really well with Initiative granting you a higher uptime, and more importantly Essence Break as it allows you to cast a Vengeful Retreat on CD and have it back for your next Essence Break.

Isolated Prey: Stun Duration on Chaos Nova increased by 2sec. Eye Beam Damage increased by 25%. Fel Rush generates 25-35 Fury. A very powerful Talent not only buffs 1 ability but 3. The increase in Eye Beam damage is very good for the Eye Beam modifiers and the Fel Rush Fury regeneration is incredibly strong granting a high amount of Fury throughout a fight.

Furious Gaze: When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your haste is increased by an additional 10% for 10 sec. A 10 seconds window with 10% haste during Meta is not bad at all, especially once more when paired with all the Eye Beams modifiers increases the frequency of its uptime.

Relentless Onslaught: Chaos Strike has a 10% chance to trigger a second Chaos Strike. A mediocre talent choice for Single Target damage when paired with Demonic Appetite and Critical Chaos.

Burning Wound: Demon Blades and Throw Glaive leave open wounds on your enemies, dealing damage over time for 15 sec and increases Immolation Aura damage taken by 50%. May be applied to 3 targets. Another reason for immolation Auras super strong damage in AoE and cleave situations, especially in up to 3 targets due to its limitation.

Section 3 - Talent rows 8-10

havoc dh spec talent section 3

Row 8

Momentum: Fel Rush, The Hunt, and Vengeful Retreat increases your damage done by 8% for 5 sec. Momentum is a infamous Havoc Talent and in Dragonflight it's no different. It’s a powerful buff providing you a 8% damage increase with a 100% uptime if done correctly when paired with Fel Rush modifiers. Evoker's buff, Blessing of the Bronze is also really good for Momentum as it reduces the cooldown of Fel Rush.

Chaos Theory: Blade Dance causes your next Chaos Strike within 8 sec. To have 14-30% increased Critical Strike chance and will always refund Fury. A good buff to Chaos Strike increases its crit chance by quite a bit after a Blade Dance has been cast, once again very good paired with Know Your Enemy.

Restless Hunter: Leaving demon form grants a charge of Fel Rush and increases the damage of your next Blade Dance by 50%. Not a very powerful talent and honestly it's very awkward to play with. Currently doesn’t see a lot of value and is not a talent I would recommend.

Inner Demons: Entering demon form causes your next Chaos Strike to unleash a demon dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Inner Demon is a pretty solid choice in AoE situations and when paired with Cycle of Hatred and Chaotic Transformation it can deal a huge amount of damage due to it being uncapped on AoE.

Accelerating Blade: Throw Glaive deals 20% causes Throw Glaive to deal 60% increased damage and its damage is reduced by 30% for each previous enemy hit.Another one of the core talents for the Throw Glaive build making it more powerful in cleave situations.

Ragefire: Each time Immolation Aura deals damage, 35% of the damage dealt by up to 3 critical strikes is gathered as ragefire. When immolation aura expires ragefire explodes dealing all stored damage to nearby enemies. The last main part of the Immolation Aura build deals a big amount of damage on AoE due to its stacking nature of every enemy hit. Can also have a good funneling value if done correctly.

Row 9

Know Your Enemy: Gain Critical Strike damage equal to 40-80% of your critical strike chance. This talent makes critical strike incredibly broken and is the main reason we want to stack such high amounts of crit. This talent should always be picked.

Glaive Tempest / Fel Barrage:

  • Glaive Tempest: Launch 2 glaives dealing damage over 3 sec to all nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. Glaive Tempest is known as one of Demon Hunters main AoE pickable talents and it's true once more with Dragonflight. Glaive Tempest deals a high amount of damage and its short cooldown allows for frequent casts.
  • Fel Barrage: Unleash a torrent of Fel energy channeling over 3 sec, dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yards. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets. Fel Barrage has previously been the big pumper Demon Hunter AoE ability but has fallen off in recent years due to its counterpart Glaive Tempest outperforming it which is the same currently. However Fel Barrage can have its niche as it deals a lot of damage in AoE on a 1 minute Cooldown, so if there’s a situation where you need AoE every minute it could be a contender.

Cycle of Hatred: Blade dance, Chaos Strike and Glaive Tempest reduce the CD of Eye Beam by 0.5-1 sec. Cycle of Hatred is a super powerful talent and is one of the core components of the Eye Beam build as it reduces the Cooldown of Eye Beam by quite a bit, depending on your casts of Blade Dance, Chaos Strike and Glaive Tempest.

Fodder to the Flame / Elysian Decree

  • Fodder to the Flame: Your abilities have a chance to summon forth a demon chasing you. Throw Glaive deals lethal damage and upon death it explodes for damage to nearby enemies and heals you for 25% of your max HP. Upon Death the demon spawns a Demon Soul. Explosion damage reduced beyond 5 targets. Fodder to the Flame is a very strong ability and there’s multiple benefits from the Demon spawning. One being the damage and healing it provides, another is that Initiative can proc off of the demon if you hit it before it hits you. And lastly the Demon Soul it spawns on death grants you 20% increased damage for 15 sec. This also counts as a Lesser Soul Fragment so it also synergizes with Demonic Appetite.
  • Elysian Decree: Place a sigil that activates after 2 sec, detonating to deal damage and shatter up to 3 Lesser Soul Fragments. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. A hard hitting ability on a 1 minute CD with a chance to spawn Lesser Soul Fragments which grants Fury when paired with Demonic Appetite. Not a bad talent pick but currently Fodder to the Flame outperforms it.

Soulrend: Throw Glaive causes targets to take an additional 60% of damage dealt over 6 sec. Soulrend is the main reason the Throw Glaive build can work and when played with the other modifiers will more often than not be one of your top damaging abilities.

Row 10

Essence Break: Slash all enemies in front of you dealing damage and increase the damage your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance deal to them by 80% for 4 sec. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

Essence Break is a crazy strong burst ability making buffing your Blade Dance and Chaos Strike tremendously, especially Blade Dance is strong with Essence Break due to all the modifiers Blade Dance has. Essence break lines up perfectly with Eye Beam when Cycle of Hatred is not played, and every other Vengeful Retreat when Tactical Retreat is played, meaning you will be in meta and have Initiative during Essence Break for its best value.

Shattered Destiny: The duration of your active demon form is extended by 0.1 sec per 8 fury spend.

This talent massively increases the uptime of your Meta and combining it with Demonic makes it even stronger. You’re also forced to play with Cycle of Hatred when picked into Shattered Destiny which is only a bonus as you will cast Eye Beam more often as well increasing the Demonic value.

Any Means Necessary: Mastery: Demonic Presence now also causes your Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow damage to be dealt as chaos instead.

What this means is that it completely reworks our mastery stat values as now, all of our abilities are affected by the mastery stat, not only the abilities that caused Chaos Damage. This talent alone makes mastery one of our previously worst stats into one of the best.

Talent Builds

Single Target (Serrated Glaive build)


Single Target (Blind Fury build)


Throw Glaive Build (Cleave + AoE build)


Sigil of Flame build


This build has more damage, but way less survivability.

This build is pretty interesting and is most likely the highest DPS build you could, in theory, play. However, it comes with a lot of drawbacks, such as a massive loss of survivability and your Raid CD being lost as well. I would not recommend using this build during Progress, and it should only be played if you want to do the most possible damage. The build (Base Demon Hunter Talent Tree) can be used for both Throw Glaive and ST build.

Mythic+ (Glaive Tempest build)


Note: Here you can choose whether you’d prefer being slightly more tanky by having Will of Illidari or if you would prefer a bit more damage you can choose Disrupting Fury for fury regeneration and Soul Sigils for the synergy with Demonic Appetite.