Demonology Warlock Talents Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 7th May, 2024
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Class Talents

A couple of nodes are mandatory for DPS, and a couple are mandatory for defensive purposes.

Mandatory Offensive nodes

Mandatory Defensive nodes

Optional Utility nodes

In my opinion this is the best overall class build, leaving 2 “flex” points.

Talent Builds

“Naked Tyrant” builds

This refers to picking Tyrant without any of the follow up talents, and putting the extra points into Pact of the Imp Mother and Sacrificed Souls for single target or Implosion and Dreadlash for AoE. With the amount of buffs we have received to our base damage on most of our abilities, this sims about 1% higher on single target than the “normal” builds and could end up being the strongest overall.

It uses Soul Strike instead of Vilefiend, and all you care about for tyrant setups is to have your Grimoire (if available), Call Dreadstalkers and 10 imps active. Because Tyrant no longer grants soul shards with this talent setup you do not need to empty your shards before pressing Tyrant.

ST/Cleave Naked Tyrant


Very good sustained ST damage, if you need to pick up some amount of cleave, then take Dreadlash and Implosion instead of 1 point in Shadow’s Bite and 1 point in Sacrificed Souls.

AoE/M+ Naked Tyrant


Single Target Antoran Armaments / Immutable Hatred


This is a very solid single target choice that puts a heavy emphasis on pet damage, especially imps and felguard.

Single Target Umbral Blaze / Sac Souls / Immutable Hatred


At the time of writing this guide this build is the highest simming on PTR.

It goes more into crit/vers than mastery due to the pickup of umbral blaze and sac souls.

It is however very dependent on your uptime and not as versatile as the Antoran Armaments Build. Potential to be played on pure single target fights.

Cleave / M+ Antoran Armaments / Immutable Hatred


This build is almost identical to the single target build, with a few tweaks to acquire Implosion and Dreadlash. For M+ or heavy AoE situations, swap Immutable Hatred for Guillotine.

There are a lot of options with this build, for example picking up Shadow Invocation with bilescourge bombers and Spiteful Reconstitution for more sustained AoE rather than burst AoE with Demonic Strength. For this you would drop Imp Gang Boss and Fel Sunder.