Demonology Warlock talents guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 8th Aug, 2022
Sjeletyven Demonology Warlock Author

Recommended Talents

Recommended Raiding Build

Single Target


Necrolord Demonbolt Build

IMPORTANT!! With 2 pc (Ripped From the Portal) the single target build changes from Demonic Strength to Dreadlash for the Tier 1 Talents and with 4pc (Malicious Imp-Pact) it changes from Summon Vilefiend to From the Shadows

Recommended Mythic+ Build

Grim Inquisitors + Soul Conduit Build

This build uses the Grim Inquisitor Dreads Calling Legendary and focuses on big implosions and using Demonic Tyrant on cooldown to extend Dreadstalkers. Great for sustained AoE, and my personal favorite from the 9.2 PTR testing with the double legendary (night fae)

Implosive Potential

This build focuses on maintaining the implosive potential haste buff on AoE and “snapshotting” haste into a tyrant on bosses with trash mobs or adds.

Boss specific recommendations and strategy:

Raid Bosses

Talents Discussion

Tier 1 (15)

Demonology Warlock Dreadlash TalentDreadlashPassive
Demonology Warlock Bilescourge Bombers TalentBilescourge BombersInstant
Demonology Warlock Demonic Strength TalentDemonic StrengthInstant

Dreadlash causes your Dreadstalkers initial dreadbite to cleave nearby enemies. This is a great sustained AoE option, especially in combination with the Carnivorous Stalkers conduit and the 2 set piece bonus from 9.2.

Bilescourge Bombers is as of writing this guide not picked for anything as it has a shard cost and no synergy with any conduits the way Dreadlash and Demonic Strength does.

Demonic Strength is a great option for short AoE bursts as well as pure single target before getting your hands on 2 set from 9.2. It can be buffed with the Fel Commando conduit.

Tier 2 (25)

Demonology Warlock Demonic Calling TalentDemonic CallingPassive
Demonology Warlock Power Siphon TalentPower SiphonInstant
Demonology Warlock Doom TalentDoomInstant

Demonic Calling is a really nice talent which makes one of your main spells free and instant cast. This is your default choice in almost any scenario. It also interacts with cooldown reduction from Wilfreds Sigil of Superior Summoning even when it is a free cast.

Power Siphon sacrifices 2 of your imps to empower your next 2 Demonbolts by 30%. This talent can be very powerful in combination with the Necrolord covenant ability and could end up being better for Necrolord “demonbolt build” in 9.2

Curse of Doom is a dot that ticks after 20 seconds (scaling with haste) and generates a soul shard. In theory this talent is really good but in any practical scenario it doesn't hold up to the quality of life that Demonic Calling brings.

Tier 3 (30)

Demonology Warlock Demon Skin TalentDemon SkinPassive
Demonology Warlock Burning Rush TalentBurning RushInstant
Demonology Warlock Dark Pact TalentDark PactInstant

Demon Skin is a very good overall damage mitigation talent that makes you regenerate a shield up to 15% of your max health. This talent is very strong for low ticking damage.

Burning Rush sacrifices 4% of your health per second and in return you move 50% faster.

This is great for unpredictable movement situations where pre-placing demonic circle or gateway is not a realistic option.

Dark Pact sacrifices 20% of your current health to give you a shield for 250% of the amount sacrificed in addition to a smaller base amount scaling with Versatility. This talent is very strong against large predictable hits. Press this button at high hp and laugh as your teammates drop to sub 20% health as you barely drop below 80%.

Tier 4 (35)

Demonology Warlock From the Shadows TalentFrom the ShadowsPassive
Demonology Warlock Soul Strike TalentSoul StrikeInstant
Demonology Warlock Summon Vilefiend TalentSummon Vilefiend2 sec cast

From the Shadows causes your dreadbite to inflict a debuff that makes you deal an additional 20% shadowflame damage (Implosion, Hand of Gul’dan, Demonbolt, death bolt/spite from 4 set bonus) for the next 12 seconds.

This talent is great for sustained aoe in combination with Dreadlash due to the AoE application of the From The Shadows debuff.

Soul Strike Commands your Felguard to strike into the soul of its enemy, dealing damage and generating a shard. This talent feels amazing to play but between the added sustained aoe value in From the Shadows or the added Demonic Consumption value from Summon Vilefiend it is not commonly picked at the moment.

Summon Vilefiend summons a demon to fight for you for the next 15 seconds. This talent does great single target damage, especially when taken into account the added value it brings to Demonic Consumption.

Tier 5 (40)

Demonology Warlock Darkfury TalentDarkfuryPassive
Demonology Warlock Mortal Coil TalentMortal CoilInstant
Demonology Warlock Howl of Terror TalentHowl of TerrorInstant

Darkfury reduces the cooldown of shadowfury and increases its radius but unless you need the cooldown reduction or increased radius for a specific reason this talent is mostly useless.

Mortal Coil is an amazing self healing tool, essentially being a healthstone on a 45 second cooldown, that in addition to it being a CC that doesn't share diminishing returns this is the default choice

Howl of Terror is a good talent for frequent instant aoe disrupts but Mortal Coil is considered better in most PVE situations due to the healing effect.

Tier 6 (45)

Demonology Warlock Soul Conduit TalentSoul ConduitPassive
Demonology Warlock Inner Demons TalentInner DemonsPassive
Demonology Warlock Grimoire: Felguard TalentGrimoire: FelguardInstant

Soul Conduit will refund 15% of the shards you spend, because refunded shards can be refunded again you can look at this talent as roughly 18% more shards. This talent is extremely flexible and can be fit into any talent setup.

Inner Demons passively spawn imps every 12 seconds and has a 10% chance to summon an additional demon. Mostly used for PVP.

Grimoire: Felguard summons an additional Felguard that does 25% more damage than your regular Felguard for 17 seconds. This talent is really strong in both AoE and ST. This talent synergises well with demonic consumption and wilfreds legendary to play around 1 minute cooldown demonic tyrants.

Tier 7 (50)

Demonology Warlock Sacrificed Souls TalentSacrificed SoulsPassive
Demonology Warlock Demonic Consumption TalentDemonic ConsumptionPassive
Demonology Warlock Nether Portal TalentNether Portal2.5 sec cast

Sacrificed Souls will make your shadow bolts and demonbolts do more damage based on how many demons you currently have active. This should be a great single target talent once double legendary is obtainable in 9.2. It and has great synergy with Balespider legendary, the Necrolord covenant ability and Necrolord class Legendary

Demonic Consumption sacrifices 15% of your demons' hp to empower the tyrant. This is an extremely powerful single target cooldown and can be “abused” with different Health modifiers such as Rallying Cry, Ancestral Protection totem etc. due to your demon’s health scaling proportionally to your health.

Nether Portal opens a portal for 15 seconds. While the portal is open every time you spend soul shards an extra demon will be summoned to fight for you. This talent requires a very specific cast sequence for the full 15 seconds the portal is up for it to retain its full value and therefore the easier playstyle of Demonic Consumption or Sacrificed Souls is generally preferred unless the talent is far ahead.