Demonology Warlock talents guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 28th Apr, 2023
Sjeletyven Demonology Warlock Author

Class Talents

A couple of nodes are mandatory for DPS, and a couple are mandatory for defensive purposes.

Mandatory Offensive nodes

Mandatory Defensive nodes

Optional Utility nodes

In my opinion this is the best overall class build, leaving 3 “flex” points.

Talent Builds

Single Target/Cleave Immutable Hatred


This build is new to 10.0.7 and does really well in sustained single target with the addition of the Immutable Hatred Talent.

More theorycrafting is needed on this build, but it is performing solid on live and PTR at the moment. I would recommend a version of this build with small variations for most raid bosses at the moment.

Single Target Demonbolt / Pit Lord Build


This build is extremely maintenance-heavy, emphasizing demonbolt damage and keeping four stacks of Fel Covenant outside of the big 3-minute Nether Portal cooldown.

Demonic Calling can be removed and put into Dreadlash for cleave situations.

Single Target / Cleave Pit Lord Build


This build focuses on massive pit lords every 3 minutes with smaller bursts every minute with Tyrant. A benefit of this build compared to the demonbolt build is that it is less punishing to play outside of cooldowns, as you don't have stacks of Fel Covenant to maintain.

With this build, you have one flex point that can be put into Vilefiend, Soul Strike, Demonic Calling, or Fel sunder. Soul Strike should be slightly better on AoE, but all of the other choices are DPS-neutral on single target. Generally, Demonic Calling is a good bet as it is quality of life to have 60% of your dreadstalkers be instant without a shard cost.

The build also incorporates Antroran Armaments, Expendables, Imp Gang Boss, and Implosion to significantly improve cleave and AoE potential to the point where it can even be used in Mythic+.

M+/AoE Build


This build focuses on burst and sustained AoE with Demonic Strength, Implosion and Dreadlash. Simmon Demonic Tyrant is, apart from being the obvious single target cooldown, an AoE amplifier, because it gives more pet damage and allows you to build up a ton of imps since they do not lose energy for its duration.

Guillotine was recently buffed and will do a significant amount of AoE.

If banish or improved banish is needed for a dungeon, you can obtain it by removing points in amplify curse, Fel domination or fiendish stride.