Demonology Warlock gearing guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 16th Jan, 2023
Sjeletyven Demonology Warlock Author


Tier Set

The demonology Tier sets are on the low end in terms of single target output gain, but they scale well into AoE scenarios.

The 2 set increases Felstorm and demonbolt damage by 20% and is pretty nice for burst cleave paired with Demonic Strength. Demonbolt focused builds will also benefit greatly from this bonus with all the demonbolt amplification talents available.

The 4-set bonus reads, “Demonbolt has a chance to make your Hand of Gul’dan Instant and do 150% more damage”. This is not as crazy as it sounds. Probably around 2% Single Target and 3.5-4% AoE. The instant cast part of the bonus offers some mobility which is definitely helpful in a lot of the raid encounters in Vault of the Incarnates.


Always sim yourself to find optimal trinkets for your character. Below are a few trinkets that are generally going to be good (tuning may happen):



Irredius fragment and time-breaching talon are currently severely overtuned and are as good as some 421 trinkets even at 372 item level.