Demonology Warlock

Patch 8.3

Written by Deepshades Last Updated: 24th Feb, 2020

Playstyle & Rotation

General Rotation:

  1. Keep the Explosive Potential buff up
  2. Use your Summon Demonic Tyrant with at least 6 Imps
  3. Use Demonic Strength/Bilescourge Bombers
  4. Grimoire: Felguard if talented
  5. Cast Summon Vilefiend if talented
  6. Cast Call Dreadstalkers on cooldown
  7. Cast Hand of Gul’dan with 3 Soul Shards whenever possible
  8. Cast Shadow Bolt or Demonbolt (if Demonic Core charges)


Requires 1 Baleful Invocation and 1 Explosive Potential.

  1. Pre-cast Demonbolt
  2. Bilescourge Bombers if talented
  3. Hand of Gul’dan
  4. Soul Strike
  5. Build to 5 Soul Shards
  6. Implosion
  7. Grimoire: Felguard if talented
  8. Build to 5 Soul Shards
  9. Call Dreadstalkers
  10. Build to 5 Soul Shards
  11. Hand of Gul’dan
  12. Build to 5 Soul Shards
  13. Hand of Gul’dan
  14. Demonic Strength if talented
  15. Summon Demonic Tyrant

Tyrant Setup:

Ideally you want to have 2 or more sets of Imps for every Demonic Tyrant. To easily achieve this you should have at least 2 Demonic Core charges and a fresh Explosive Potential buff.


A lot of movement can be already planned ahead with a clever use of your Demonic Circle or Demonic Gateway.


For big hits you should always activate Unending Resolve or Dark Pact (if talented). Healthstones and Coastal Healing Potions are really useful as well. If you see you have neither of these tools ready it is worth asking a healer for an external. A great way to see which externals are ready is the Add-On “Exorsus Raid Tools”.