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Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock guide icon

Patch 7.2

Approved by Bangerz Last Updated: 7th Apr, 2017
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Playstyle & Rotation

Demonology Warlocks definitely have an ability priority list which is easily predictable and doesn't rely on specific procs. This is good because damage is generally always consistant and cooldowns always overlap meaning its easy to learn. Below is the general Ability Priority List which is fine as long as you follow the Talents explained in the Talents section.

Ability Priority List

  1. ALWAYS maintain Doom at all times, don't DoT a target that is going to instantly die straight after however.
  2. Cast Summon Darkglare on cooldown if you talented into it.
  3. Cast Summon Doomguard on cooldown, unless needed to burst a high important add down etc.
  4. Cast Grimoire: Felguard on cooldown if talented Grimoire of Service, unless saving to burst something down.
  5. Cast Call Dreadstalkers on cooldown.
  6. Cast Hand of Gul'dan at 4+ Soul Shards.
  7. Cast Soul Harvest on cooldown unless saving for progress reasons.
  8. Cast Demonic Empowerment if any Demons are currently not empowered, however try and cast Demons in sets and then Empower them together for more DPS.
  9. Cast Thal'kiel's Consumption when it is off cooldown and when you think you have the maximum amount of Demons out as possible for maximum effect.
  10. Cast Felstorm on cooldown
  11. Cast Demonwrath when 3+ targets are stacked around your demons, this will generate Soul Shards and do AoE damage. You should also do this when you're moving and have above 70% mana.
  12. Cast Life Tap while moving if below 70% mana.
  13. Cast Shadow Bolt/Demonbolt as your filler to generate Soul Shards.

 If you can control the fluidity of your demons and making sure that they're always buffed then demonology is going to do great damage. Another really important aspect of Demonology is making sure that you have Soul Shards to summon your pets when they come off CD. For example if Call Dreadstalkers is now coming off CD howver you only have 1 Soul Shard meaning you can't cast them is going to be a big DPS loss. So budgeting your Soul Shards is very important. Also make sure that on your UI you can see a Doom timer, letting this drop off is also going to result in a massive DPS loss. A good thing about Demonology is your opener will never change due to not having to rely on procs, below is the general Demonology opener.

Opening Sequence

  1. Precast Demonic Empowerment at 3 seconds on the countdown.
  2. Use Potion of Prolonged Power.
  3. Precast Shadow Bolt/Demonbolt.
  4. Cast Grimoire: Felguard.
  5. Cast Summon Doomguard.
  6. Cast Call Dreadstalkers.
  7. Cast Demonic Empowerment.
  8. Cast Demonbolt.
  9. Cast Demonbolt.
  10. Cast Demonbolt.
  11. Cast Demonbolt.
  12. Cast Hand of Gul'dan.
  13. Cast Demonic Empowerment.
  14. Cast Thal'kiel's Consumption.